Navigating the Energy Markets in a COVID-19 World - 60-Minute Webinar, 12th August 2020 -

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While the oil complex has undoubtedly made progress since Black April, the large - and in some countries accelerating - number of COVID-19 cases is a disturbing reminder that the pandemic is not under control, and this has resulted in increased demand destruction.

Consumption remains at anemic levels relative to seasonal norms, snowballing the price volatility common to the shoulder months. Adding fuel to the fire, as Americans head to the polls in November, will they continue to play the Trump card, or will they adopt the Democrats' new energy plans?

Per the International Energy Agency, it is estimated that countries in full lockdown are experiencing a 25% decline in energy demand per week and countries in partial lock an average 18% decline.

Who Should Attend?

  • Energy Traders
  • Energy Analysts
  • Energy Buyers
  • Energy Producers
  • Airlines
  • Delivery Services: FedEx/DHL, etc.
  • Fleet Fuelers/Trucking & Transportation
  • Oil Retailers
  • Bankers
  • Commercial and Industrial Users, e.g., universities and hospitals

Key Topics Covered

Demand Destruction

  • Travel Restrictions/Lockdowns
  • Unemployment
  • Supply Overhang
    • Production
    • Inventories
    • Storage
  • Economic Impact


  • OPEC+
  • United States
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Venezuela
  • Russia
  • China


  • Known unknowns
  • Near-term vs. Long-term implications
  • Price Action
    • Winners
    • Losers

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