CIOE 2020 Overseas Buyer Supplementary Program Launched

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CIOE is also known as the gateway to China's optoelectronic market. It is an annual popular sourcing event among buyers from major optoelectronics technologies application industries including ICT, consumers, advanced manufacturing, semiconductor processing, defense and security, sensing and measurement, display, energy and biophotonics to search for optoelectronic products and projects in China.

Under the current global influence of COVID-19 starting from the early 2020, it is difficult for foreign buyers to visit China in September. So CIOE organizing committee has launching the Overseas Buyer Supplementary Program to help with the sourcing needs towards Chinese products.

This program is free to join. Spend 2 minutes to fill out sourcing needs and CIOE will recommend some suitable buyers below. CIOE sincerely welcome and urge every overseas buyer who has demands on optoelectronic products to let them know their needs so they could help them with connection between Chinese suppliers.

CIOE Overseas Buyer Supplementary Program:

CIOE also prepare some useful links before submitting your needs:

1) CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide. CIOE visitor guides are popular among buyers from data center, smartphones and consumers, advanced manufacturing, intelligent driving, defense and security and medical.

2) CIOE 2020 Exhibitor List. All exhibitors will be categorized as ICT expo, optics expo, lasers expo, sensing expo and photonics innovation. It also supports product and application search.

Hot sellers in optoelectronic category such as optical fibers, optical transceivers, optical imaging camera and module, optical processing equipment, laser equipment, infrared imaging and detection devices, 3D imaging and sensing module, machine vision system, LiDAR and AR/VR could be displaying at CIOE 2020.

CIOE is known at the world's largest one-stop optoelectronic product sourcing exhibition in the World. It will be held as scheduled from September 9-11, 2020 at its new venue at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Event though sending over the China-based colleague to source at CIOE will be the first choice but CIOE hopes the CIOE Overseas Buyer Supplementary Program could still help visitors in a different way. Do let CIOE know about the needs in optoelectronics.

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