Aggreko Launches Clean Air Solutions for Temporary and Tent Facilities, Existing Buildings in US

Aggreko plc, today announced it has launched Aggreko Clean Air, a multi-solution approach to quickly and cost-effectively address air quality issues for facilities that must implement health and safety measures in temporary or permanent structures where people need to gather.

Formulated to help employers, community response teams and event producers meet new air quality guidelines, Aggreko Clean Air solutions builds on the company’s 30-plus years of specialized experience and expertise. The international company provides temporary, rental cooling, heating, power and dehumidification for disaster response, industrial operations where air quality has high consequences, and the world’s largest and most watched sporting, music, political and leisure events.

In recent news interviews, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, cautioned Americans that he believes “we will never eradicate the virus” but can manage it with combined efforts, including proactive health and safety measures. The Centers for Disease Control and ASHRAE, the global society for HVAC air quality and sustainability, recently issued health and safety guidelines for facilities managers to improve the air quality in enclosures, including the need to:

  • increase the percentage of outdoor air that circulates into the cooling and ventilation system,
  • increase ventilation rates, or “air changes” per hour, and
  • introduce mechanical support for return air.

“Because Aggreko routinely mobilizes in urgent situations to provide engineered solutions for air quality in some of the most extreme conditions, we realized our expertise and experience could make a meaningful difference in helping American businesses and communities begin to function again with less fear of indoor air contamination,” said Charley Royce, Managing Director for Aggreko North America.

“There is no responsible DIY version of a COVID-response clean air solution, so facilities owners and operators need reliable solutions that can be implemented immediately without capital investment – and that come with mechanical engineering expertise and maintenance crew support they don’t have,” he explained.

Steve Birtch, business development manager for Aggreko manufacturing, food and beverage and pharmaceutical clients, added: “Facility managers who must respond to the new guidelines in addition to the many other demands on them need proven expertise to meet these air quality guidelines, especially since no one-size-fits-all solution exists that’s appropriate for every structure. A temporary tent for hospital beds, a university dining hall, a pharmaceutical manufacturing site and a food processing plant are all unique and complex operations. Each facility or tent requires a custom solution that considers the function to occur in that facility, existing systems that must integrate, site location, duration of operation, ambient conditions, and the potential risks involved if there’s a failure to manage air quality.

The Aggreko Clean Air solutions engineering teams include trained technicians experienced in installing and maintaining temporary air systems in a variety of settings and situations – expertise facilities managers and staffs do not typically have onsite.

“Clean air solutions involve more than plug-and-play,” explained Gary Meador, Aggreko Director of Events, who leads teams to power, heat and cool every aspect of many of the world’s largest events. “Managing and maintaining many of these air filtering and scrubbing solutions requires technicians well trained not only install, but to prevent contamination or improper disposal of filters, parts and supplies during maintenance. Plus, these clean air solutions need the benefit of Aggreko’s remote monitoring to ensure any issues are addressed and the systems are consistently performing as intended.”

Response to Aggreko Clean Air solutions from the company’s existing customers across the US has been overwhelmingly positive. “We already have systems in place at university campuses and pre-installation planning underway with customers in many industries,” Royce said. “The need is great, and we have spent a great deal of time making presentations to trade groups and clients to help educate people on their options to comply with guidelines and keep people safe.”

To learn more about Aggreko Clean Air, visit or call 833-670-5794. If your event, industry or professional organization would like to schedule an educational talk on clean air health and safety guidelines and options for temporary or permanent facility clean air solutions, email


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