Crosby Plaza Apartments Places Top Priority on Providing Low Income Tenants With High-Speed Wi-Fi by Partnering with Hotel Internet Services

CROSBY, Texas, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the multi-housing industry, has announced the successful implementation of a high-performance Wi-Fi network at Crosby Plaza Apartments in Crosby, Texas. A complex that provides affordable housing to low-income families, Crosby Plaza has recently undergone an extensive renovation to provide its tenants with a welcoming home environment able to cater to their day-to-day needs. Central to renovation efforts is the now achieved goal of ensuring that residents have an affordable high-speed internet connection that can prove essential to performing a wide range of daily tasks.

With Wi-Fi access now virtually a universal necessity especially for those needing to work online from home, Crosby Plaza established priority to work with a network provider with localized representation and that had expert experience in providing high-quality internet to a large property with multiple occupants. After considering competing options, HIS was selected due to its leading position in both areas and its ability to implement an installation strategy that was cost-effective, yet still able to deliver first-rate network performance results. This included the placement of advanced Ruckus in-room access points within each apartment unit as well as within strategic locations throughout the property so that all tenants can receive a strong, fast and consistent signal regardless of their onsite location. As a complex featuring buildings spread out over a wide area that previously did not have any sort of network infrastructure, HIS technicians also used their industry expertise to install the necessary cabling while utilizing a minimal amount of hardware to keep expenses down.

"As a government subsidized apartment housing complex, we are expected to ensure that tenants have access to amenities that are vital to enhancing quality of life, and with internet access now proving essential to carrying out many daily responsibilities, HIS has provided us with the means to address this core requirement fully," said Christian Szymczak, Managing Partner at Think Housing Development, LLC. which oversees Crosby Plaza. "Our apartment complex has gone from having no network infrastructure to having one of the industry's most technology advanced while staying within budget, and our tenants are now able to perform virtually any online activity without experiencing any lapse in service quality. HIS further stood out for us with its responsive customer service during implementation and ability to offer immediate support should any issue later arise."

To ensure that tenants and onsite staff continue to experience high-quality and uninterrupted Wi-Fi, HIS also provides Crosby Plaza with access to 24/7 instant support. This service not only addresses any performance issues related to network hardware, but also extends to providing troubleshooting support for common connectivity challenges such as connecting a specific device or accessing email servers.

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