KAONMEDIA to integrate the ASSIA CloudCheck(TM) solution with its broadband CPEs

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- KAONMEDIA, a leader in broadband and residential terminals and digital set-top boxes, and ASSIA, a leader in broadband network connectivity solutions, today announce that ASSIA's CloudCheck(TM) Wi-Fi solution, will be available as a fully integrated part of KAON's Wi-Fi product portfolio.

CloudCheck Wi-Fi technology provides dynamic management of home Wi-Fi networks. The joint solution aims to bring business-grade reliability to residential home networks and high performance necessary to run life-critical applications including work-from-home, tele-medicine, distance-learning.

The award-winning CloudCheck solution utilizes a cloud-based automated learning system to predict and mitigate connectivity problems proactively before the problems affect consumer experience. The solution also brings industry-leading proactive decision support systems for call centers, dispatch, field technicians, maintenance and network planning operations of broadband ISPs.

"We may be seeing the emergence of a new class of service, a premium residential service, similar to enterprise grade connectivity at least for the work-at-home devices. Ability to identify, monitor, and prioritize those devices is important going forward. Partnering with KAON to deliver these abilities over prpl, in OpenWRT and RDK-B environments will help ISPs and ecosystem participants in building next generation work-from-home infrastructure," said Tuncay Cil, Chief Strategy Officer of ASSIA.

"Many home Wi-Fi service providers have been in need of effective home Wi-Fi management even before the stay-at-home regime of the COVID-19 pandemic. This need has been greatly amplified and changed in nature due to the increase in connectivity," said Richard KIM, EVP and Head of Global Business Development of KAON. "The CloudCheck Wi-Fi solution supports industry standards and is one of the most innovative of our partners in home network management segment. Our partnership with ASSIA enables us to better support our customers' high performance Wi-Fi management needs as well as our roadmap for innovating in the industry standardization efforts."

Solution Highlights:

CloudCheck Wi-Fi integration with KAON product portfolio features:

    --  AI-based optimization allows dynamic learning of rapidly changing home
        network conditions under multiple network, user, application conditions.
    --  End-user-driven optimization empowers subscribers to prioritize
        performance to devices of choice when they want.
    --  Intelligent self-help bring technician level trouble-shooting
        capabilities to subscribers and simplify installation and
        troubleshooting 24x7.
    --  Service Operations Center and Network Operations Center Decision Engine
        enables proactive ISP operations including call center, dispatch, field
        technician, network maintenance and planning.
    --  Vendor agnostic 3(rd) party application options for Cyber Security, Home
        Security, Wellness, Elderly-care applications.

About KAON

KAON MEDIA is a technology leader in Pay-TV and home networking solutions. We ensure the connected home technology which enable consumers to simply change the way they experience entertainment and information within the home with the full line-up of innovative platforms and service solutions to give users easy access to multi-screen experiences anywhere, at any time. KAON MEDIA is well recognized by Tier 1 Operators in more than 90 countries. Headquartered in South Korea, KAON MEDIA has global presence in over 24 countries including USA, Germany, Norway, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, and others. www.kaonmedia.com.

About ASSIA®
ASSIA's products and intellectual property improve the reliability of Internet and home network connectivity for over 120M households. Over wireless and wireline connections, ASSIA's artificial intelligence-driven network diagnostics and optimization solutions help service providers and application providers deliver the reliability demanded by life-critical applications including teleconferencing, telemedicine, work-from-home, study-from-home.

ASSIA's products and IP deliver significant operational expense reduction for Internet Service Providers in the areas of proactive subscriber care, increased customer satisfaction, and more connections to upgrade to higher revenue-generating service tiers. ASSIA helps define the future of networking by actively driving industry standards work through respected standards organizations including the Broadband World Forum, Wi-Fi Alliance, and the prpl Foundation. For more information, visit www.assia-inc.com.

Expresse®, ClearView®, and CloudCheck® are registered trademarks of ASSIA. "ASSIA" is an acronym for "Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated."

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