Two models to be launched together, GAC MOTOR brings the urban SUV GS5 and the versatile MPV GN6 to Bahrain market on August 16

MANAMA, Bahrain, Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 16, GAC MOTOR will unveil its two comprehensively upgraded models, the GS5 and GN6, in Bahrain. The price, configuration parameters and service policies of the two models will be announced at a later time.

As the two latest flagship products of GAC MOTOR, the GS5 and GN6 bring together the latest achievements in brand research, development and global innovation. Localized to Bahrain's unique tropical desert climate and harsh desert terrain, GAC MOTOR combines the daily travel needs of the people of Bahrain by introducing a new generation of pioneer SUV model GS5. The latest GS5, now available in Bahrain, comes equipped with multi-terrain driving mode and master-level tuning chassis, which greatly improves the ride comfort and vehicle handling, and provides considerate and efficient driving protection for Bahraini consumers.

The GN6, another versatile MPV model, has also been carefully crafted by the GAC's R&D team over the years, which is specifically designed for pragmatic and enterprising people who are also looking to enjoy life. Living a diverse life and enjoying a wide range of activities and social networks, they expect to take care of their families while also indulging in full enjoyment. And GN6 will be a perfect interpretation of home and commercial use with its multi-functional and large space. This listing will announce the official launch of GS5 and GN6 in the Bahrain market. It is believed that with their excellent product quality and brand reputation, they will surely become a strong brand of best-selling models in the Bahrain market.

It is understood that GAC MOTOR officially entered the Bahrain market in 2015. Its sales have been rising steadily. It has ranked No. 1 among Chinese brands in imports and terminal sales for four consecutive years. And the market share is more than 2%, which is very popular among local consumers. The introduction of the vehicle series will once again complete the Bahrain market, which not only reflects the important position of Bahrain and the Middle East market in the GAC MOTOR international strategic map but also provides a solid guarantee for GAC MOTOR to further develop and deepen the Middle East market.

Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the national economy, the consumption level of Bahraini people has been continuously upgraded and expectations for vehicle quality have also increased. GAC MOTOR is fully in touch with the development on the ground and the trends of user needs with its fashion and cutting-edge products, excellent taste and services. GAC serves the travel and life of the Bahraini people, allowing Bahraini consumers to recognize the first-class benefits and strength of GAC products so as to experience the energy and flexibility brought by the new vehicles. The future is now, and already is here in Bahrain. GAC MOTOR will continue to impress consumers around the world with its high-end manufacturing strength and quality.

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