Aravilla Clearwater Selects CarePredict's AI-Powered Solution to Assure Resident Safety

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CarePredict continues to be the preferred technology partner for senior living communities across the U.S. as Aravilla Clearwater Memory Care becomes the eighth senior living community to sign a multi-year agreement with the digital health company in the last 30 days.

"At Aravilla Clearwater, we strive to raise the bar for excellence in memory care using evidence-based care and innovations," said Robert Ross, Chief Development Officer, Aravilla Memory Care Clearwater. "When it came to choosing a technology that would help meet our goals, CarePredict's multifaceted solution with AI-powered wellness insights, two-way voice communication, wander management capabilities, and workforce productivity tools was the clear winner."

CarePredict was the first-to-market with a solution that observes a resident's daily activity and behavior patterns for changes that precede health declines. In senior living facilities, this ability to detect the early signs of concerns allows the staff to intervene in a timely manner, enabling preventive care and improving the residents' overall well-being and quality of life. CarePredict's system uses a smart wearable, Tempo(TM), artificial intelligence, and sophisticated gesture recognition to continuously observe residents' activity and behaviors.

For memory care facilities, CarePredict's precise indoor location technology enables geofence alerts that minimize the risk of wandering while allowing increased independence for residents. Additionally, location insights enable faster staff response times and improved care coordination. To facilitate a rapid response to control and stop the spread of infections, CarePredict includes PinPoint, a groundbreaking automated digital contact tracing system, specifically designed for senior living environments.

CarePredict's Tempo is packed with features that improve the resident experience, including keyless door access, a concierge services button, and two-way voice communication that allows residents to speak to staff and receive timely assistance and reassurance.

"CarePredict has been responsive to the unique needs of the senior care industry and has consistently innovated to enable quality care that seniors need and deserve," said Satish Movva, CEO & Founder, CarePredict. "We are humbled and thrilled to have the trust of an increasing number of senior care operators in keeping their residents safe and healthy."

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About CarePredict

CarePredict's mission is to help caregivers take timely action by detecting a senior's activity and behavior patterns that are precursors to health declines. Based on the science that shows changes in daily activity behaviors precede health issues in seniors, CarePredict's award-winning smart wearable, Tempo(TM) autonomously observes these activity patterns, and the system alerts professional and family caregivers on changes before something happens.

CarePredict's latest offering, PinPoint, the automatic contact tracing solution for senior care, helps facilities stop the spread of infections by quickly identifying all the people and places exposed to an infected person.

CarePredict is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Menlo Park, CA.
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