PerfectServe Announces Bidirectional Integration with Nuance PowerConnect Actionable Findings

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PerfectServe®, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) and provider scheduling solutions, today announced the go-live of a bidirectional integration between its clinical communication platform and the industry-leading Nuance® PowerConnect(TM) Actionable Findings solution within the radiologist's Nuance PowerScribe(TM) reporting workflow.

The integration--which went live in June at Blount Memorial Hospital in Maryville, Tennessee--taps PerfectServe's Dynamic Intelligent Routing® in conjunction with Nuance's reporting and communication capabilities. Together, they seamlessly provide automated, timely, reliable messaging to ordering clinicians about radiology results to improve efficiency, compliance, and patient outcomes.

"Radiologists often spend an inordinate amount of time tracking down the responsible provider to alert them of a critical or significant finding," said PerfectServe Chief Operating Officer Jeff Brown. "With this in mind, we worked closely with Blount Memorial Hospital and Nuance to come up with a new process that taps one of PerfectServe's foremost strengths--complex routing--to save time for providers and improve care delivery for patients."

The bidirectional interface means messages flow from Nuance PowerConnect Actionable Findings directly to the PerfectServe application on the provider's preferred device, and PerfectServe's advanced routing capabilities allow for dynamic accommodation of provider schedules to ensure messages are delivered to the right party at the right time. This setup streamlines workflows for both radiologists and ordering providers, optimizes the existing communication infrastructure, and enhances patient safety by reducing costly communication delays. By including a compliance period for provider acknowledgement, it also aids regulatory closed loop reporting requirements.

The workflow for delivering actionable radiology findings to the ordering provider with this integration is as follows:

    1. Radiologist using Nuance PowerScribe sends results message from Nuance
       PowerConnect Actionable Findings
    2. Message is automatically transmitted into PerfectServe, which uses
       Dynamic Intelligent Routing to deliver it to the correct provider
    3. Provider receives a push notification, then reviews and acknowledges the
       message within the PerfectServe application
    4. Provider acknowledgement is automatically sent back to Nuance
       PowerConnect Actionable Findings, making it visible to both the
       radiologist and the radiology department for tracking and documentation
       purposes to help ensure the communication loop is closed

Blount Memorial Hospital, which conducts 140,000 imaging studies per year, uses PerfectServe to alert on three criticality levels: Critical, Urgent, and Incidental. By the end of June 2020, approximately 200 referring providers were enrolled to receive alerts for radiology findings through PerfectServe.

"This process streamlines time to closure and improves productivity in the emergency and radiology departments," said Dr. Dan Dovgan, a diagnostic radiology specialist at LeConte Radiology, which has provided radiology services at Blount Memorial Hospital for over 15 years. "We are able to greatly decrease the overall time of communication for critical results by simply hitting send at completion of dictation, allowing PerfectServe to automatically facilitate the physician communication between radiologist and provider. Our goal is to decrease communication turnaround times, improve physician-to-physician communication, provide written actionable information to the care provider, and document communication closure."

"Collaboration between radiologists and ED physicians is critical," said Dr. Dan Hunter, an emergency room physician who serves as Medical Director and Vice Chief of Staff at Blount Memorial Hospital. "Manual processes--like tracking down a doctor--can be timely and prone to error, so by automating the delivery of radiology results and sending them right to physicians' phones, PerfectServe is helping us provide better care for patients."

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