ValhallaMED Introduces Innovative Protective Gear to Responsibly Reopen Economy

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ValhallaMED, a manufacturer of MedTech devices designed to fight COVID-19, today announced the first-of-its-kind personal protective gear with air filtration and full face coverage -- the NE-1 Helmet(TM). Created for anyone, anywhere, the evolved face mask is suitable for everyday use with proprietary air supply technology, a large face shield that allows for a full 360-field of view and Bluetooth® audio to remove barriers in communication.

"As a submarine veteran, it's crazy to think we found a way to live more normally hundreds of feet underwater than present day," said Chris Ehlinger, founder of ValhallaMED. "We knew it would be all hands on deck to safely get back to normalcy and were compelled to take action - specifically designing the NE-1 Helmet to help speed along the process."

As debates continue on how best to reopen the country, cases continue to spike. The patent pending NE-1 Helmet is a reusable, durable solution to help slow the spread. A new type of air purifying respirator, the helmet bridges the gap between expensive surgical protection like Powered Air Purifying Respirators and a basic consumer need for functionality. Utilizing air pumps and nanofiber filters to remove germ particles in air, the helmet is engineered to reopen the economy safely and comfortably.

NE-1 also addresses challenges faced by the deaf and hearing-impaired community. Features include full visibility of facial expressions with an anti-glare, anti-fog face shield as well as internal and external speakers and microphones for audio clarity.

"Once we finalized the NE-1 design, we dove straight into optimizing the helmet for performance, putting health and safety first. We know the NE-1 Helmet will aid in responsibly reopening the economy and help us navigate the new normal," finished Ehlinger.

Seeds for the NE-1 were planted in April after ValhallaMED finished their first product, a 3D printed ventilator splitter authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and were asked to design a helmet to support non-invasive ventilation. During testing, the team realized a much broader need and began creating the NE-1 to meet the new reality from both social and health perspectives.

To learn more about the NE-1 -- launching on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter in September -- visit or follow on Twitter (@NE_1Helmet).

About ValhallaMED:
ValhallaMED works daily to fight COVID-19 and take back tomorrow. Founded during the coronavirus pandemic, the MedTech startup aims to enable rapid engineering of human-first solutions to improve healthcare delivery -- at home and in the hospital. The company's flagship product is the NE-1 Helmet created for anyone to navigate the new economy safely and comfortably. To learn more about ValhallaMED and the NE-1 Helmet, visit

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