Covidisor Announces Transparent Full Head Protection for Settings with Limited Physical Distancing

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Covidisor today announced a new "powered air purifying respirator" (PAPR) that provides N95 level or higher respiratory protection without masking the wearer's face.

Unlike most PAPRs that use positive pressure and only protect the wearer, the Covidisor uses negative pressure to filter both intake and outtake air, protecting both the wearer and those around them.

The Covidisor consists of a transparent head-mounted sphere that's lightweight, comfortable to wear for hours, easy to don & doff, and is beard and Face ID friendly. It provides a protective stream of filtered air without "masking" the wearer which is important in many work settings. A rear fan pulls air through two front N95 (or P100) filters, past the face, and out through another N95 filter.

With its head-mount, the Covidisor is more comfortable to wear for extended periods than a face-hugging mask and its fan powered stream of filtered air assures that there's no breathing fatigue.

The Covidisor uses replaceable 3M(TM) N95 or P100 filters that provide more respiratory protection than common surgical masks.

The Covidisor retails for $245 with discounts available to schools and universities.

About Covidisor

Covidisor is a New York based startup focusing on innovative PPE solutions enabling people to work safer and closer during COVID.


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