Hankyung.com's introduces: "Seoul Made" PPE kits, targeting US Market

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Seoul Made" PPE kits designed with Korean cultural themes and made by small businesses in Seoul, was delivered to New York on August 13th

With many stakeholders of New Jersey, New York, Brooklyn, Chamber of Commerce, and other related agencies expected to attend the event, it will serve as the chance to promote the outstanding quality of products made by Seoul's small businesses within the USA network.

Also networked with the local marketers, accelerators, buyers, and logistics of the New York area to strategize specific and efficient follow-up market routes.

Hankyung.com interviewed Chang Young Seung, the CEO of Seoul Business Agency (SBA) to introduce this project.

[Photo, provided by SBA] Mr. Chang, the CEO of SBA delivering "Seoul Made" PPE and emergency kit at the event held by Brookly Chamber of Commerce to promote the products in the U.S market on August 13th in Korean time.


Q. Why are you attending an event in the U.S.?

I (Chang Young Seung, the CEO of Seoul Business Agency (SBA), which is a Seoul city's government agency devoted to supporting small and mid-sized enterprises) announced that I will be attending an event in the U.S. this Thursday (13th, in Korean time) to promote exports of Seoul's SMEs and to expand into the international market.

I will be delivering "Seoul Made" PPE and emergency kit at the event held by Brookly Chamber of Commerce to promote the products in the U.S. market on August 13th in Korean time. At this event, about 50 key guests from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and sister agencies, New Jersey, New York, and Brooklyn will be attending.

Over the period of visit to the U.S., various meetings with stakeholders of related agencies in L.A., San Francisco, Washington, and New York will be held to establish opportunities for SMEs and start-ups in Seoul to enter the American market.

Seoul Made is a distribution brand created to increase the sales of Korean SMEs, who struggle with exports due to low brand power and recognition.

Q. What is the purpose of this event to be presented at?

Utilizing the global interests on K-Bio and protective measures against epidemics, the project decided to support exports of "Seoul Made" PPE kits made by SMEs, leading to this upcoming event at Brooklyn where the outstanding qualities of Korean products will be presented to key guests from New Jersey, New York, and Brooklyn.

It is expected that this event will serve as an opportunity to promote the quality of Korean products which Brooklyn residents have used since 10,000 "Seoul Made" PPE kits were distributed on June 16th.

Through this visit, SBA is to seek opportunities to create future business routes by recruiting influential local buyers and matched consulting events, which can be of further support for SMEs and start-ups in Seoul to enter the U.S. market.

Q. What Seoul Maid and SBA do?

"Seoul Made" will expand its support services to the struggling SMEs who are hit by COVID-19 to directly increase the sales rate and develop international markets. It aims to establish its American market hub in New York to further pursue international sales routes.

It also plans to target the U.S. market in addition to New York by securing local distribution logistics by collaborating with Korean vendors in L.A..

Seoul Business Agency(SBA) is a government branch dedicated to fostering the growth and competitiveness of Seoul's SMEs. Its platform brand "Seoul Made" promotes SMEs of Seoul through various activities.

Q. What do you expect from this business?

We plan to go full-scale on targeting the U.S. market and increasing the name value of Korea by supplying COVID-19 PPE products in the U.S. regions that are struck by the pandemic. While there are heightened measures being taken worldwide, I expect it will lead to a direct increase in the sales profit of Korean SMEs and start-ups in Seoul who provide 'customized responses'.

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