Word for Words Harnesses Millions of Reviews to Help Find the Book You're Looking For

MONTPELIER, Vt., Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Word for Words, a website developed for reading enthusiasts and powered by reader reviews, announced the official launch of its new book search engine at https://www.wordforwords.com. The search engine is powered by an innovative new approach based on reader reviews - allowing users find books on nearly any topic, with half a million books searchable by tens of thousands of keywords and millions word combinations.

Word for Words allows users to go beyond titles and authors to search based on themes and even emotions. The site has compiled and analyzed over 20 million book reviews from readers across the world to identify the words that define the reading experience for every book. Word for Words goes beyond other book sites by letting users combine multiple topics within a search. So, instead of just searching for generic terms like "biology" or "vampire", with Word for Words readers can find "fascinating biology" books and "funny vampire" stories.

"It's thrilling to see the positive reactions we're getting from people using the search features," said Seth Mullendore, founder of Word for Words. "The site really began as an experiment to see if book suggestions based on lots and lots of reviews from regular readers could outperform professional book critics and mainstream book recommendation sites. From the response we've gotten so far, the answer is clearly 'yes'."

Along with basic information, users can quickly see how others have reacted to reading a book, whether they found it insightful and engaging or boring and pretentious. The site also includes suggestions for books with that have received similar types of reviews, so readers can easily find books with related themes, even if they're fairly obscure books that other search platforms might ignore.

With tens of thousands of new reviews added every day, Word for Words is constantly growing, evolving, and improving. To learn more about the site and how it works, see https://wordforwords.com/about.php.

SOURCE Word for Words