Cloud Native Computing Foundation Grants Zalando the Top End User Award

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software, today announced that Zalando, Europe's leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, has won the CNCF End User Award in recognition of its notable contributions to the cloud native ecosystem.

Zalando SE started its cloud native journey in 2015 in its transition from on-premise data centers to the public cloud. Zalando leveraged numerous CNCF projects, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, CNI, and etcd to deliver a superior experience for over 1,300 Zalando developers and serves over 34 million active customers across 17 countries.

"Since joining CNCF in early 2017, Zalando has been an active member of the Foundation's End User community, in particular chairing the Developer Experience SIG," said Cheryl Hung, Director of Ecosystem at Cloud Native Computing Foundation. "Active across the community, Zalando has provided upstream contributions to Kubernetes, created and maintained a number of open source projects to expand the Kubernetes ecosystem and provided significant insights into the company's successes and failures. We are pleased to present them with this award and excited to watch the company's continued contributions to the community."

With its in-house built cloud-native application runtime, Zalando now operates over 150 Kubernetes clusters with more than 2,400 nodes, 50 percent of which are in production with daily peaks of 20,000 requests per second for single clusters. Those clusters are home to almost 2,000 production applications. By leveraging the CNCF ecosystem and numerous incubating and graduated projects, Zalando is able to deliver a stable platform for its growing customer base.

Zalando released a number of open source projects: Skipper, Zalando's Kubernetes Ingress proxy and HTTP router; Postgres Operator, the battle-tested operator to run PostgreSQL on Kubernetes; kube-metrics-adapter to use custom metrics for autoscaling, the Ingress controller for AWS; and more.

"We are honored to be recognized by CNCF with the top end user award," said Henning Jacobs, Senior Principal Engineer at Zalando. "Zalando's need to massively scale led us on a cloud native journey that has ultimately made our developers happier and enabled us to grow with customer demand. The Kubernetes and cloud native community has been such a valuable resource for us that we are dedicated to actively continuing giving back in any way we can."

Zalando is one of more than 140 organizations in the CNCF End User Community, which meets regularly to share adoption best practices and feedback on project roadmaps and future projects for CNCF technical leaders to consider.

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About Zalando SE

Zalando is Europe's leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle. Founded in Berlin in 2008, we bring head-to-toe fashion to more than 32 million active customers in 17 markets, offering clothing, footwear, accessories and beauty. The assortment of international brands ranges from world famous names to local labels. Our platform is a one-stop fashion destination for inspiration, innovation and interaction. As Europe's most fashionable tech company, we work hard to find digital solutions for every aspect of the fashion journey: for our customers, partners and every valuable player in the Zalando story. Our goal is to become the starting point for fashion.

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