Oil and Gas Market Analysis – 57% Improvement in Pipeline Capacity Utilization Rate Achieved by an Oil and Gas Company Through Capacity Management

Quantzig, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced data analytics solutions, recently announced the completion of its new resource and capacity utilization assessment for a global oil and gas company. Our advanced analytics solutions and domain expertise empower us to look for insights in complex, unstructured data sets from disparate sources. With the new digital economy creating significant disruptions and new opportunities, our global team of over 550+ analytics experts and data science professionals work with leading companies to help master digital transformation, drawing on our deep domain expertise and understanding of factors impacting business growth. Our oil and gas analytics solutions have helped leading Fortune 500 companies to achieve better success rates by adopting the right solutions to maximize resource and capacity utilization. Request a FREE one-on-one platform demo to learn how advanced operational analytics can help drive change in your business processes.

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Engagement Overview

With over oil and gas extraction units spread globally, the client is a transnational corporation with American origins and is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. The product lines of this client include oil, fuel, vehicle services, exploration, production, and refining of petroleum and gas. Due to the complexities involved in oil and gas extraction and production, the client was facing several challenges. It included high operational costs and low resource and capacity utilization rates. Also, the lack of robust processes hindered their operational efficiency, further leading to inefficient capacity utilization issues. By collaborating with Quantzig, the client wanted to implement a solution that could help them optimize operational costs and improve the pipeline capacity utilization rate.

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The Challenge

The client's challenges spanned three key areas, including-

  • The need for better routing of crude volume in the pipeline network
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Rising operational costs
  • To know more about the client's challenges, visit: https://bit.ly/326wizu

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Quantzig’s Approach

Quantzig adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach to help the oil and gas company address their issues around capacity utilization. The solution offered as a part of this capacity management engagement enabled the integration of shipment details, operational details, and capacity information for deriving insights specific to improving the pipeline capacity utilization rate.

The solutions offered also empowered the client to-

  • Assess the operational constraints
  • Improve pipeline capacity utilization rate by 57%
  • Analyze operational constraints and improve decision-making

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