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Since Technolution’s inception, security and network security have been the core values of our company. Security should not only be considered as the lock on the door at the end of a project, but as one of a project’s founding principles. It is an essential way of thinking that is deeply-rooted in our DNA and is interwoven into all our projects from the design table all the way to finish line. 

About Technolution
We are a leading solutions provider integrating cutting edge technology in ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions for our customers. Among other fields, such as mobility and energy, we also focus on defense, safety and security markets where we provide highly reliable embedded and ICT solutions for our customers. Together with our partners, we have both the knowledge and technology to protect our open society and to guarantee secure communication. Technolution is located in Gouda, The Netherlands and has approximately 180 employees.

Security made simple - JelloPrime PrimeLink 3015JelloPrime provides high end solutions, products and services for the secure exchange of information within an organisation and with other parties. These solutions integrate well within your existing IT infrastructure.

With JelloPrimePrimeLink 3015 computers can safely communicate through the open Internet. High speed secured connections (1 or 10 Gbps) are easily established and simple to manage. PrimeLink 3015is a hardware VPN solution developed by Technolution and is based on OpenVPN-NL; THE security protocol approved for use by the Dutch government for the classification level of ‘Ministerial Restricted’ (Departementaal Vertrouwelijk).

Besides JelloPrime products, we deliver solutions for logging and monitoring, domain separation and video integration.

Technolution B.V.

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