vivo's New Nighttime Photography Campaign Highlights X50 Series' Professional Camera Features

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- vivo kicked off the "Night Artist" campaign last month on social media to find talented nighttime photography artists from around the world, attracting a wide range of users and KOLs, including the award-winning global photographer Chris Hau and outdoor explorer and photographer Samuel Elkins. With the revolutionary nighttime photography capabilities of vivo's flagship X50 series, the campaign called on users to capture the tranquility and dynamism of summer nights and demonstrated vivo's leading technology breakthroughs in mobile photography.

The campaign, which kicked off on August 19, encouraged users to share their shots of a starry or urban night sky on social media. Amid the hustle and bustle of day to day life, people seldom stop and appreciate the little things around them. By participating in this campaign, night artists were welcomed to reexamine life through new perspectives under the night sky, using vivo's innovative features like the Gimbal Camera System and Astro Mode. Inspired by the vivo campaign, Chris Hau and Samuel Elkins launched a challenge, which has gained support from around the world, including from Southeast Asia, Russia, and Ukraine, with a number of regional KOLs participating in it and sharing stunning photographs on social media.

As a smartphone maker who has been seeking to bring users with exciting photography experience, vivo launched X50 series in June, with a global launch in July. The new product lineup, including X50, X50 Pro, and X50 Pro+, is launched with an ambition of redefining the mobile photography. Building on vivo's long-standing pursuit for innovations, X50 Pro is equipped with a new Gimbal Camera System, enabling users to take high-quality photos in motion, even during nighttime, while Astro Mode and Super Night Mode allow users to capture excellent photos of a starry or urban night sky. The Extreme Night Vision and Pro Sports Mode of X50 Pro+ also help users capture stunning photos in dark environments.

vivo has excellent performance in self-portraits, portraits, night, sports and other modes, covering all aspects of daily photography. While giving clearer pictures, vivo photography keeps striving to be more aesthetic, artistic, and professional.

Samuel Elkins, a professional photographer who is experienced in phone reviews, went to southern California, exploring a few features of X50 series that helped him produce amazing blue-hour and nighttime photography in the town of Lone Pine.

At dusk, Samuel was able to shoot crystal-clear photos with no grains by using the Pro Sports Mode to adjust the shutter speed and the ISO sensitivity. He noticed the level of the detail, even in the shadows, was incredible. Using Astro Mode, he also took stunning photos of the Milky Way. Samuel recommended locking the phone on a tripod and utilizing the self-timer feature to further stabilize the image, making it even more user-friendly so that every person can capture the beauty of the California night sky.

An award-winning photographer and influencer in travel and technology, Chris Hau, explored vivo's night photography features in Toronto and shared some helpful tips for capturing photos with X50 series. He suggested flipping the phone upside down and taking advantage of having the camera lens close to the ground in order to get an amazing reflection when shooting a water surface. What's more, the built-in filters are like icing on a cake, making nighttime photos even more stunning.

Right after the two KOLs published their video reviews online, they gained lots of positive responses, with viewers commenting that they loved the concept and could not believe the high-quality nighttime photos were shot on a smartphone. As wanderlust takes over the whole world, the campaign attracted enthusiastic photographers and audiences in various countries, amazed by the delicate features of X50 series and the stunning night photographs taken.

Experienced, professional photographers know that astrophotography is time-intensive and extremely challenging, and often requires a professional camera to yield excellent results. However, with Astro Mode, Extreme Night Vision, and other features, X50 series helps users capture professional-grade photos of the night sky, offering truly redefined mobile photography experience.

vivo has been a pioneer in mobile photography technology, continuously delivering hardware and software innovations that enhance the user experience and address common user problems. In 2018, vivo's NEX was the first smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera, which enabled the device to have a bezel-free Ultra FullView(TM) Display. On subsequent devices, vivo continued innovating to reduce the pop-up time from one second to 0.62 seconds, making it more convenient for users. With selfie capabilities a top priority, vivo also increased the front camera from 1.3MP to 32MP over time, allowing users to capture more beautiful and detailed selfie photos. vivo made another significant breakthrough on X50 Pro with the Gimbal Camera System, a built-in gimbal module that delivers ultimate stabilization for photos and videos shot in motion. Night Mode, now upgraded to Super Night Mode, has empowered users to capture professional-grade photos and videos in low-light scenarios.

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