System Integration Award 2020 demonstrates Taiwan's application of smart system integration in overseas markets

TAIPEI, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With unwavering commitment to becoming Asia's 'Silicon Valley' and to helping potential system integrators develop mature smart solutions, manufacturers and developers across Taiwan's wide spectrum of industries that make up the island's tech sector have made immense progress in system integration. To encourage Taiwanese industry players to extend successful smart system integration applications to overseas markets and to establish Taiwan as a leading supplier of smart city solutions, the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), the System Integration Promotion Alliance Project Office, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Global Organization of Smart Cities (GO SMART) co-organized the System Integration Award 2020. Four leaders in their respective sectors, Noodoe Corporation, LILEE Systems, PaKing Technology Inc. and Geosat Aerospace & Technology Inc, won the awards.

Lai Ching-te, vice head of Taiwan's executive body, and Mei-Hua Wang, Taiwan's Minister of Economic Affairs, took part in the opening ceremony and award presentations of 2020 Smart City Online on September 2. Ms. Wang conferred the System Integration Award 2020 to award winners in recognition of their contributions. In a move to demonstrate how Taiwan has exhibited leadership globally with cutting-edge smart city solutions, award winners have been invited to share their successful cases at the online seminar of the 2020 World System Integrator Conference to be held on September 22.

Noodoe Corporation, one of the four awards winners, impressed industry players with Noodoe EV OS, an advanced cloud-based operating system serving as the "brain" that orchestrates the operation of charging stations throughout a city. Innovative cloud-based features of the solution include an automated EV charging service, universal payment processing and central management. Thanks to partnerships with leading Taiwanese manufacturers, Noodoe has combined Phihong Technology's EV charging pile technology and Chih Kang Material Company's metal column processing technology with its own abilities in UI design and in building, deploying and managing EV charging networks. Following the completion of several installations, Noodoe has started operating the charging stations at a number of hotels located throughout Southern California in the U.S.. Headquartered in Taiwan, Noodoe serves as an illustration to the world of how Taiwanese firms are working together to provide cutting-edge solutions.

LILEE Systems has established a firm footprint in the US with its Made in Taiwan (MIT) autonomous buses. Its award-winning Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) system installed in Jacksonville, Florida integrates cutting-edge self-driving technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-definition maps, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and remote control, into one solution. With help from LILEE Systems, the city has built the Smart Transportation Innovation Corridor, a thoroughfare for autonomous vehicles, connected local business hubs and implemented a new public transportation system that is more cost-efficient and stable than traditional bus and light rail transit systems. Successful application of the ART system serves to demonstrate not only Taiwan's expertise in the integration of self-driving vehicle systems as well as provision of a full range of services including vehicle modification, sensor integration, construction of connected vehicle networks as well as security and control systems, but also Taiwan's position as a world-class supplier to facilitate integration of autonomous vehicle systems worldwide.

With a focus on environmental protection and green energy designs, PaKing Technology's award-winning advanced smart parking and AI analysis solution combines the Internet of Things technology and the application of cloud data. It offers visual and voice-assisted parking services that reduce the amount of time needed to locate an available parking space once a driver has entered a parking lot or garage while recording any special requests from the driver as well as his or her service usage information. In addition, the solution enables reservation and management of premium or specially-designated parking spots (such as spaces with charging piles or spaces allocated to VIPs, the handicapped or women with children). With the solution, property management staff can implement a precise marketing strategy by providing consumers with parking spots that meet their needs based on their profiles and preferences coupled with the types of businesses and organizations that depend on the particular parking lot or garage for access. Currently, the solution has been successfully deployed at Singapore Changi Airport, the Mira Place in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Grandeur Heights shopping center in Macao, and Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, among other locations. Having started its business in Taiwan, PaKing Technology has expanded into the Southeast Asian market, with the aim of eventually building a global presence.

Geosat Aerospace & Technology has won the award for its intelligent agricultural spraying and data value-added application service platform. By integrating unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sensing technology, AI data analysis and a precision spraying system mounted on a UAV, the company offers smart agricultural services in the international market regardless of the climatic environment of the farm or agricultural business needing the service. The firm has established operations in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia with its solutions deployed and verified in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as in some other countries and regions with tropical climates over the past two years. Of particular note, Geosat Aerospace has further expanded its footprint in the Malaysian market by establishing a joint venture with Malaysian listed company SWS Capital in 2019 and signing a memorandum of cooperation with Malaysian state-owned firm FELCRA. By doing so, the company has demonstrated its ongoing efforts to promote Taiwan-made UAV drones and application services worldwide while showcasing Taiwan's competence in system integration.

The System Integration Award has been held for five years with the number of applications received increasing year by year. This year's event has seen active participation of system integrators from diverse sectors, including smart city, smart transportation, intelligent energy saving and intelligent agriculture. Via the award, the four system integrators have exhibited their solidarity as Taiwanese manufacturers to the world by successfully promoting their local solutions to countries and regions across the globe, in the hope of moving the industry towards higher value-added system integration.

Registrations for the System Integration Award 2021 will kick off on September 15, 2020. System integrators from various sectors are welcome to participate in the event. For details about the event, please contact the organizer, the System Integration Promotion Alliance Project Office, IDB, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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SOURCE Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), MOEA