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CENTRO DE INSTRUCCION AERONAUTICA AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S., is a Colombian authorized aviation training center approved by the Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronáutica Civil – UAEAC, under the operating certificate No. CCI024.

AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S. is a dedicated institution with a commitment to high standards and excellence. The institution promotes excellent performance and safety management through the principles of responsibility, commitment, continuous improvement of processes and teamwork.

The Institution’s core activities include tailor-made training solutions that fully meet customer needs, such as commercial and private pilot training programs and recreational aviation licenses.

AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S. enjoys a position within the airline flight training industry that is respected and worthy of emulation. The Institution’s graduates are prepared with the knowledge, skills and confidence that lead directly to high demand pilot careers in aviation both domestically and internationally.


The ability to deliver aviation training courses under the highest quality standards and competitive prices helps AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S. adjust to continuous market changes, offering long term value added solutions to its clients and effectively contribute to the safe and efficient development of global aviation.


AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S. aims at becoming a highly successful and prosperous aviation training centre that exceeds the expectations of its customers, partners, suppliers, employees, supervising institutions, shareholders and the whole society, standing at the forefront of the aviation sector in the country.


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Contact info #1

Ana Milena Sanchez
+57 2 651 1164 / +57 2 667 5287
Administrative Assistant
Aeropuerto Alfonso Bonilla Aragon - Via Zona Franca Palmaseca, Entrada No. 9 / Hangar 30, Bolivar, Colombia

Contact info #2

Monica Delgado
+57 2 651 1164 / +57 2 667 5287
General Manager
Aeropuerto Alfonso Bonilla Aragon - Via Zona Franca Palmaseca, Entrada No. 9 / Hangar 30, Bolivar, Colombia

Commercial Pilot Training Programs

AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S. is offering commercial pilot training programs that involve at least 200 hours of practice on fixed wing aircrafts under the IFR and VFR traffic advisories.

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for pilots in the world from international airlines to training centers. For that reason, AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S using new generation glass cockpit electronic instrumentation and radio navigation devices provides its graduates with all the necessary knowledge, skills and practical experience, as well as a strong ethical and professional preparation that ensures guaranteed success.

Private Pilot Training Programs

AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S. is offering private pilot training programs addressed to those who want to obtain a recreational pilot license. The requirements to obtain such license are determined by the International Civil Aviation Authority - ICAO - and involve at least a 57 hour practical training under the IFR and VFR advisories.

Sports Pilot Training Programs

The sports pilot program is addressed to aviation enthusiasts and involves similar flight directives to the private pilot training program.

Flight Instructor Programs

AEROCCIDENTE S.A.S. is offering flight instructor programs focused on optimizing human performance in both nominal and emergency flight situations. Programs are taught by expert physiologists and aerospace professionals and classroom academics, using comprehensive techniques, and simulated flight situations.

Aeroccidente S.A.S.

  • Aeropuerto Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Vía Zona Franca Palmaseca, Entrada No. 9 / Hangar 30, Bolivar, Colombia
  • +57 (2) 651 1164
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