Extreme Advances 28 Locations Worldwide To Cloud Managed Networking in Just 24 Hours

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR), a cloud-driven networking company, today announced it has deployed ExtremeCloud(TM) IQ across 28 locations in 17 countries, realizing the company's goal of transforming Extreme into a fully cloud-managed enterprise. The deployment took place over a 24-hour period on August 3 and included onboarding 100s of ExtremeWireless(TM) Wi-Fi 6 access points and fabric-enabled switches onto the cloud management platform. With an agile, flexible, cloud-managed network in place, Extreme's IT team can easily optimize the day-to-day connectivity experience for employees in any office. Analytics provided through the platform's unlimited data repository will give Extreme the opportunity to improve processes across development, sales, and operations teams to better serve its growing ecosystem of employees, partners and customers.

Jeff Creasy, Vice President of Information Systems, and Larry Baker, Director of Information Systems, will discuss their transition experience to the cloud from a network operations perspective at the Extreme Connect Virtual user conference, on Wednesday, September 16 at 12 p.m. BST/3 p.m. EST.

Extreme Connect Virtual is a two-day summit taking place on September 16 and 17, featuring IT strategy sessions and practical workshops that will demonstrate how to drive transformation through network operations and create an effortless networking experience. Register for free to attend.

Key Facts:

    --  Extreme has long touted the advantages of an end-to-end cloud managed
        network, including lowered infrastructure costs, ease of
        interoperability, improved network security, insights and analytics
        backed up by unlimited data, and increased network reliability. Extreme
        is a fast-growing company with a global presence, and embracing the
        cloud ensures its network will be able to support its growth while
        delivering analytics necessary for data-driven decisions.
    --  ExtremeCloud IQ simplifies onboarding, configuration, monitoring,
        managing, troubleshooting, alerting, and reporting for network
        infrastructure devices across all global sites. The platform's unrivaled
        ability to provide administrators with a 360-degree view of device,
        client, application, and network health and performance enables
        Extreme's IT/network team to easily manage the entire network and
        quickly identify and address any potential issues. With unlimited data
        retention, Extreme can increase operational efficiency and make
        decisions based on historical data and year-over-year trends, allowing
        it to continuously identify and address potential issues, and innovate
        new solutions to improve sales processes, supply chain management, and
        service delivery.
    --  ExtremeCloud IQ makes it possible to quickly provision, deliver, and
        manage connectivity across distributed locations from anywhere in the
        world, which allowed Extreme to onboard 100s of switches and access
        points around the globe in a single push, giving IT immediate visibility
        to 1000s of clients and endpoints. The platform's AI, ML, and automation
        capabilities help drive cost containment and streamline IT operations,
        making managing a large, complex, global network effortless.

ExtremeCloud IQ facts:

    --  ExtremeCloud IQ manages over 1 million network devices with over 8
        million connected client devices a day, ingesting 4.6 billion management
        messages that feed its ML and AI engine. The infrastructure devices
        under management and the clients connected to them process more than 6
        petabytes of data per day.
    --  ExtremeCloud IQ delivers unprecedented cloud choice, offering the
        industry's most flexible deployment model and only option for an
        unlimited data source. Built with ML and AI to assist in collecting data
        to build, secure, and maintain agile and distributed networks,
        ExtremeCloud IQ is the most agile cloud platform on the market today.
    --  ExtremeCloud IQ is ISO/IEC 27001 certified by the International
        Standards Organization (ISO). Extreme is the first cloud-driven
        so-iec-27001-certification-for-extremecloud-iq/vendor to be recognized
        by the ISO for its commitment to information security management systems
        best practices and controls. To support compliance requirements such as
        Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), all ExtremeCloud IQ customers
        retain the ability to delete any of their data at any time as part of
        their subscription.

Executive Perspective
Daniel Adam, Chief Information Officer, Extreme Networks
"As we seek to deliver an effortless experience to our customers and partners, we've planned to implement ExtremeCloud IQ to manage our globally distributed network since we released it last year. With this initiative, we've finally reached that goal and did so in the middle of a pandemic. If that doesn't speak to the speed and simplicity of cloud to onboard and manage a distributed network, I don't know what does! We proudly use the solutions we sell, and with this deployment our employees, customers, and partners will experience firsthand the value of unlimited data and the benefits of a centrally managed cloud networking platform and end-to-end cloud-managed network."

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