Excel Courier Observes Driver Appreciation Week 2020, September 13-19 th

Excel Courier’s Driver Appreciation Week, modeled after National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, organized by the American Trucking Associations, is observed September 13-19th. This week is used to honor and thank professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment to moving lives forward. Excel Courier is excited to participate and expand the celebration to all of our drivers. We hope that you will join us and remember to appreciate drivers around the country.

Our drivers are the backbone of the courier and transportation industry, especially in the time of COVID-19. Chris Marchetti, Excel Courier’s CEO said, “I believe every day of every week of every month should be the time to show driver appreciation. If they weren’t out there people wouldn’t be getting their important deliveries taken care of. There would be no medicine, no lab samples, and no auto parts getting to the folks that need them…just to mention some of the important things we bring to people.”

During Driver Appreciation Week, Excel Courier will celebrate its drivers with daily raffles, prizes, other giveaways and more.

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