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Cabiran is known for world-class quality work in the creation and production of complete to print complex geometrical aluminum parts. In business since 1969, Cabiran combines the experience and knowledge of its team of engineers with state of the art equipment, using 'lost wax' production method. Cabiran delivers complete machined parts, handling the various post-casting finishing needs in-house or through certified MIL-standard associates.

Cabiran is a one-stop shop:

• Engineering capabilities such as model design, drawing preparations, casting and machining integration and subassemblies.
• Aluminum investment casting using the lost wax method.
• In-house Rapid Prototype capabilities (lead time: 3 weeks).
• In-house machine shop.
• Approved subcontractors.
• Subassemblies, hardware installation and plating and painting treatments.

Cabiran (1991) Ltd. aims for excellence in producing complete to print aluminum parts at flight hardware standards, using the 'lost wax' method, for customers in the Hi-tech industries and electro-optic industries. We specialize in providing complete solutions for machined complex aluminum castings, based on high engineering and manufacturing capabilities, all under one roof, thus providing the customer with savings in cost, time and logistics.

Core Competencies

• Concurrent engineering, flexible, available and "on-line" access to the engineering department.
• Fast turn-around rapid prototype using advanced technologies.
• Integrated processes and technologies resulting in substantial savings of time and cost on the delivery of assemblies.
• Advanced Quality Assurance system ensures high production standards and quality parts.
• Industry foresight to anticipate future customer needs and respond accordingly.

Cabiran (1991) Ltd.

  • Kibbutz Cabri, 2512000, Ashrat, Israel
  • +972 4 9952611 
  • +972 4 9952612 
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