New PKI Risk Assessment Tool Measures Exposure to Cybersecurity Risks

ROSELAND, N.J., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sectigo, a leading provider of automated digital identity management and web security solutions, today announced the launch of its PKI Risk Assessment Tool designed to help medium and large enterprises assess their exposure to essential security risks. The resource provides IT and cybersecurity professionals with a brief questionnaire, then produces a custom report that evaluates the organization's risk level across 8 different Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) use cases, so that teams can focus on critical vulnerabilities.

The PKI Risk Assessment Tool, available now for any enterprise to download at no cost, determines the risk level for each specific use case independently, making the approach unique to Sectigo and the security market as a whole. The new Sectigo PKI Risk Assessment Tool helps educate IT professionals about the many use cases for PKI and its benefits, and where vulnerabilities lie, so that they can future-proof their cryptography, reduce the risk of outages or breaches, and keep security standards high.

"Though PKI has been around for years, its applications in the enterprise have evolved exponentially with the likes of DevOps, IoT, IAM, making the need for automation and crypto agility greater than ever," explained Tim Callan, Senior Fellow at Sectigo. "We are proud to provide the industry with this unique resource so that IT professionals can better uncover the risks they face and then make well-informed business decisions to protect their most valuable assets."

In recent years, PKI solutions have evolved to become even more versatile, harnessing automation, orchestration, scalability, crypto-agility, and visibility. The PKI Risk Assessment Tool identifies a risk level for the current environments that are applicable to most modern businesses, focusing on 8 important use cases:

    --  Web servers - Web and application servers hosting either external or
        internal applications
    --  Email - Enterprise email systems for employees
    --  Networked devices - Computers and mobile devices connected to the
        enterprise network
    --  IoT devices - Computing devices and mechanical and digital machines with
        the ability to transfer data over the enterprise network
    --  Application development - Development of proprietary software
        applications for either external or internal use
    --  DevOps Environment - Combined software development and
        information-technology operations environment using containers
    --  Key management in public cloud - Third-party cloud PaaS or IaaS
        environment hosting external or internal applications
    --  SSH-based server management - Control of employee access to services
        through SSH Keys

The PKI Risk Assessment Tool is particularly useful for Sectigo customers. While Sectigo Certificate Manager seamlessly deploys and automates lifecycle management of PKI certificates across all use cases, the tool helps enterprises prioritize which use cases put them at the most risk so that they can take action to protect digital identities across users, applications, web servers, IoT devices, and more.

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