Swift Shield Origami Foldable Ballistic Shield Now Shipping to Law Enforcement

ATCS (Advanced Technology Compliant Solutions) today announced that its game-changing Swift Shield is now available to law enforcement agencies and departments in the United States. Those seeking to procure Swift Shields may do so through ATCS’s strategic sales partner, AEGIX Global; see more at www.swift-shield.com.

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Swift Shield can be folded into a compact size to easily store or carry and then quickly deploy to provide five square feet of coverage. (Photo: Business Wire)

Swift Shield can be folded into a compact size to easily store or carry and then quickly deploy to provide five square feet of coverage. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The Swift Shield weighs only eight pounds. It has been developed utilizing state-of-the-art materials technology combined with the ancient art of origami paper folding to produce a patent-pending ballistic shield that can be folded into a compact size to be easily stored or carried and then quickly deployed to provide five square feet of coverage,” William Benz, CEO of ATCS said, “Today, the peace officers who serve and protect us need more protection than they have ever had. Our goal from day one and the reason for founding this company is to save lives. We couldn’t be more proud of the Swift Shield because it now provides law enforcement officers with a viable and very practical solution for next-level coverage and ballistic protection.”

Benz noted that even though origami folding principles have been around for centuries, it would have been impossible to develop this type of solution even a few years ago because the ballistic materials available would have been too heavy and bulky. Due to recent scientific advancements in materials technology, such as the development of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), it is now possible to bring Swift Shield to the market. The armor plates that make up the Swift Shield are made from multiple layers of UHMWPE, yet are only two-tenths of an inch thick and still deliver NIJ Level IIIA (NIJ-STD-0108.01) ballistic protection.

“This year, there have been many disruptions to supply chains in the wake of the global pandemic,” Benz said. “But we have kept our promise to the market to ship this year by bringing together strategic partners right here in the United States who could source and fabricate the advanced materials needed to manufacture Swift Shields to our exacting specifications.”

ATCS is working with AEGIX Global as its strategic sales partner. AEGIX has extensive experience in product sales, support, and education for a large base of law enforcement customers.

“The AEGIX team of experienced current and former law enforcement, military, and first responder leaders worked closely with those who have carried shields in the field, and has provided critical input for the Swift Shield design and specifications,” said Chet Linton, CEO of AEGIX Global. “This design is ideal for officers who can now have additional, lightweight, quickly deployable protection in situations when they have historically been vulnerable including: domestic violence, felony traffic stops, vehicle and officer ambushes, foot pursuits, and additional protection in riots and active shooter situations. Furthermore, the size and lightweight nature of Swift Shield combined with its IIIA protection adds a new level of mobility and increased safety for agents and officers that may be traveling because it fits in a backpack or briefcase.”

To order, visit www.swift-shield.com.

About ATCS

ATCS (Advanced Technology Compliant Solutions) is headquartered in Utah, and its core mission is to develop innovative ballistic products that help save lives. The experts at ATCS leverage advanced materials technologies, state-of-the-art product designs, and leading-edge manufacturing techniques to bring to market the first truly breakthrough products for personal body protection in decades. For more, please visit https://atcompliantsolutions.com/.

About AEGIX Global, LLC

AEGIX is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is focused on making a positive global impact by providing mission-specific resources, leading technology, equipment and practical and tactical training to those who are first on scene, in combat or gathering intelligence. These resources, products and services result in safeguarding lives, enabling justice and improving communities. AEGIX serves local, tribal, state and federal law enforcement departments and agencies, humanitarian groups, militaries, NATO and major non-NATO allied governments worldwide. For more, please visit https://aegixglobal.com/.