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CHICAGO, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The global data center PDU market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 4% during the period 2019-2025.

Key Highlights Offered in the Report:

1. In 2019, the data center market witnessed over 450 new data center and expansion projects.

2. The busway systems contributed to around 38% market share in the power distribution unit segments of the data center.

3. In 2019, monitored and metered PDUs contributed to the majority of revenue, where switched and managed PDU contributed to over 30% by 2025.

4. In 2019, North America dominated around 45% market share, followed by APAC with around 24% share.

5. In 2019, intelligent Rack PDU solutions with power density of over 5 kW gained increased traction in the market, which will increase to around 10 kW by 2025.

Key Offerings:

    --  Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2019-2025
    --  Market Dynamics - Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and
        investment opportunities
    --  Market Segmentation - A detailed analysis by product, rack PDU,
        end-users, and geography
    --  Competitive Landscape - 8 key vendors and 29 other vendors

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Data Center PDU Market - Segmentation

    --  The increase in hyperscale facilities development in North America,
        APAC, Western Europe and Nordic countries is boosting the demand for the
        rack PDU market. Developing regions such as Latin America and Middle
        Eastern countries will witness an increase in the development of
        hyperscale facilities during the forecast period, which will increase
        the market for rack PDUs.
    --  Basic PDUs are among the common rack PDU device used in a traditional
        data center environment. In 2019, the use of existed among smaller
        facilities with less rack capacity and supplied with the power of less
        than 500 kW. The use of basic systems accounted for over 6% of the
        market investment.
    --  Although colocation is gaining increased traction among enterprise
        facilities owing to the higher CAPEX involved in the construction of
        data centers, there are several organizations that are adopting
        prefabricated solutions for on-premise data center deployments.

Data Center PDU Market by Product

    --  Busway Systems
    --  Rack
    --  Floor

Data Center PDU Market by Rack PDU

    --  Basic
    --  Metered
    --  Monitored
    --  Switched & Managed

Data Center PDU Market by End-users

    --  Colocation Data Centers
    --  Enterprise Data Centers

Data Center PDU Market - Segmentation

With the adoption of advanced technologies such as big data, IoT, and cloud computing across different industries, the demand for colocation and managed services is increasing globally. Colocation, managed services, interconnection, and cloud connectivity solutions are offered by data center service providers. Companies are relocating their resources to places where there is a need; hence, building their own data center to maintain operations is an expensive solution. Colocating aids in data center operations through reduced costs. The demand for colocation services, therefore, increases the investments in data centers.

Key Drivers and Trends fueling Market Growth:

    --  Growth in Hyperscale Data Center Contribution
    --  Power Outages Mandate 2N Redundant Rack PDU Design
    --  Growing Rack Power Density in Data Centers
    --  Rising Demand for Edge Data Centers

Data Center PDU Market - Geography

North America is among the leading markets for cloud computing, big data, and IoT technologies. Organizations in this region are currently involved in building high- performance computing data centers to innovate in the field of IoT, artificial intelligence, and connected reality. The growth of the digital economy in the US is around 10% YOY. This continuous growth has increased the demand for data centers in the region in various business verticals. The North American market witnessed new developments and expansion of over 150 data center facilities.

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By Geography

    --  North America
        --  US
        --  Canada
    --  Latin America
        --  Brazil
        --  Other Countries
    --  Western Europe
        --  UK
        --  Germany
        --  France
        --  Netherlands
        --  Ireland
        --  Others
    --  Nordics
        --  Denmark
        --  Finland & Iceland
        --  Sweden
        --  Norway
    --  Central Eastern Europe
        --  Russia & Czech Republic
        --  Poland & Austria
        --  Other Countries
    --  Middle East
        --  GCC
        --  Other Countries
    --  Africa
        --  South Africa
        --  Morocco
        --  Other Countries
    --  APAC
        --  China & Hong Kong,
        --  Australia & New Zealand
        --  India
        --  Japan
        --  Rest of APAC
    --  Southeast Asia
        --  Malaysia
        --  Singapore
        --  Thailand
        --  Indonesia
        --  Other Countries

Prominent Key Vendors

    --  EAE
    --  Eaton
    --  Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
    --  Legrand
    --  Rittal
    --  Schneider Electric
    --  Siemens
    --  Vertiv

Other Prominent Vendors

    --  ABB
    --  Anord Mardix
    --  ATEN
    --  Austin Hughes
    --  BellWin Information Co. Ltd.
    --  Black Box Network Services
    --  Canovate Group
    --  Chatsworth Products
    --  Cisco Systems
    --  Conteg
    --  Crenlo (Emcor)
    --  Cyber Power Systems
    --  Dataprobe
    --  Delta Group
    --  DigiPower
    --  Elcom International
    --  Enlogic (CIS Global)
    --  Fujitsu
    --  Leviton
    --  Panduit
    --  Powertek
    --  Prism Enclosures
    --  Rack Solutions
    --  Retex
    --  Schleifenbauer
    --  Siemon Company
    --  Socomec Group
    --  Toshiba Corporation
    --  Tripp Lite

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