Elliptic Labs Announces Second Proof-of-Concept Agreement With a Large Asian Laptop/PC Manufacturer

Elliptic Labs announced today it has signed a proof-of-concept contract with a large Asian laptop/PC OEM, the second such contract achieved by Elliptic Labs this month. The agreement focuses on implementing Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Security Sensor and its AI Virtual Gesture Sensor on laptops. This project features close collaboration between Elliptic Labs, the laptop OEM, and the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers.

The AI Virtual Security Sensor and AI Virtual Gesture Sensor are highly-optimized, software-only sensors that utilize Elliptic Labs’ Virtual Smart Sensor Hub™ to increase laptops’ intelligence, making them contextually aware. Virtual sensors use ultrasound (transmitted through a device’s built-in speaker and microphone) to sense a user and their surroundings. This information is interpreted using AI by Elliptic Labs’ Virtual Smart Sensor Hub™, translating data from ultrasound waves into different user experiences.

“Our virtual sensors are receiving an exciting amount of attention from the largest PC and semiconductor manufacturers in the laptop arena,” said Laila Danielsen, Elliptic Labs’ CEO. “Customers see great value in our software-only solutions, enabling innovative, critical features to be deployed broadly across multiple laptop models.”

Elliptic Labs has crafted their virtual smart sensors to enable cost-efficient user functionality and sleeker device designs. Its AI Virtual Security Sensor expands laptops’ security, automatically locking and awakening the screen based on users’ presence. Its AI Virtual Gesture Sensor brings innovative interaction through touchless 3D gestures, offering greater convenience and improved user experience. Its ever-popular INNER BEAUTY® AI Virtual Proximity Sensor revolutionized smartphone design, allowing OEMs to introduce full-screen, bezel-less phones. Finally, its pioneering AI Virtual Presence Sensor delivers wellness detection to devices, enabling the detection of a person’s heartbeat and breathing rates.

About Us

Elliptic Labs AI software makes sensors and technology more intelligent through its Virtual Smart Sensor Hub for IoT, smartphone, laptop and automotive markets. With 100M+ Elliptic Labs-powered devices, the Virtual Smart Sensor Hub delivers wellness monitoring, contextual awareness, touch-free interaction, increased sustainability by reducing energy consumption, scalable to support billions of devices. The Virtual Smart Sensor Hub uses machine learning and/or sensor fusion, combining ultrasound with data aggregated from all on-device sensors. Headquartered in Norway, with operations in the United States, China, South Korea and Japan, its employees throughout the world are motivated by common core values of diligence, innovation and integrity. Visit: www.ellipticlabs.com.