AppGallery Brings Guitarists Exclusive Benefits with Ultimate Guitar

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultimate Guitar, the leading online tab archive with over 1.4 million music tabs and chords and fastest growing guitarist community, today announced the start of its 3-month long campaign with AppGallery. The deepened partnership aims to further drive user growth and brand awareness among the two communities in 30 countries*. The collaboration, running from September to December, will bring AppGallery users exclusive benefits and premier experiences.

Delivering benefits to Huawei users globally

As part of the collaboration, Ultimate Guitar will provide AppGallery users with an exclusive 3-month free trial of its premium subscription service, Ultimate Guitar Pro, with which AppGallery users in 30 countries can access more features, such as Tempo Control and Tab Playback that are instrumental for their learning.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Huawei on this campaign. The support we received during the HMS integration process was amazing and clearly indicates Huawei's commitment to helping developers create the great app experiences that users expect and deserve," said Jonathan Kehl, Ultimate Guitar's Vice President of Global Business Development. " As our company moves towards its audacious goal of creating 1 billion musicians in the world, we look forward to expanding our relationship with Huawei and continuing to welcome more AppGallery users into our rock and roll community."

Technology support with HMS Core

Ultimate Guitar has integrated six Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core kits with its app as a testament to its confidence in Huawei and the partnership. The toolkits implemented - Ads Kit, Analytics Kit, Push Kits and more - allow Ultimate Guitar to provide a smoother and more secured experience for guitarists through AppGallery.

"Working with Huawei was an excellent experience for our team," said Sasha Smirnova, Head of Partnerships. "We had AppGallery technical support to assist with questions that surfaced and to provide guidance throughout the project. The overall HMS Core integration process went smoothly with the team publishing almost one week ahead of schedule."

AppGallery - One of The Top Three App Market Places Globally

Launched in over 170 countries and regions, AppGallery is committed to meeting the diverse yet focused needs of its 490 million active users. The app marketplace actively seeks out partnerships with global and local developers to invite them on board. This allows AppGallery to remain the open, innovative platform that is accessible to all.

AppGallery recognises the importance and contribution of developers and is fully dedicated to the success of its developers. AppGallery provides full-spectrum support for developers worldwide as well as several developer-centric initiatives, empowering developers to innovate further in app development.

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* Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Israel, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, Philippines, Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador, and Uruguay.

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