Ordrslip Partners With Postmates To Provide Restaurants Affordable Delivery Services

FRESNO, Calif., Sep. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ordrslip, a SaaS provider allowing restaurants to operate custom mobile apps, announces that it will partner with Postmates to give restaurants an affordable delivery option. The new partnership allows eateries to create custom-looking white-label mobile ordering applications via Ordrslip, with Postmates providing a delivery service option after the order is placed.

"The restaurant industry has been greatly impacted by the pandemic and many are in need of inexpensive ways to add mobile ordering and delivery options to their offerings," said Jordan Sanchez, Director of Revenue, Ordrslip. "This initiative is another way for Ordrslip to create affordable digital solutions that can help mom-and-pop restaurants thrive in these challenging times."

To license Ordrslip, restaurants pay a flat fee of $100 monthly, or an annual subscription of $1,100, per location. The price doesn't change based on restaurant profits or the number of orders placed. The new delivery option available through the Postmates partnership gives smaller restaurants the ability to compete with larger chains.

"The pandemic has made leaving the house a safety risk, being able to integrate delivery into our existing Ordrslip engagement, is invaluable," said Robert Miller, Operator of 101 Bagel Cafe. "Being able to pay a flat set price, at a time when every cent counts, is important so we can manage our business sustainably through pandemic."

"Ordrslip is a great application that allows our customer to order easily and quickly from their smartphones, without having to wait on hold," said Dan Messinger, Owner of Bibi's Bakery and Cafe. "This new partnership gives me access to a fleet of drivers that integrate directly into my current mobile ordering system without the outrageous prices of other services."

Ordrslip is available nationwide, and for more information about creating a mobile ordering app for your restaurant with a delivery option, visit www.ordrslip.com.

About Ordrslip:
Ordrslip allows restaurants, concession stands and food trucks to operate custom smartphone apps, so they can meet the growing consumer demand for mobile ordering options. The subscription-based SaaS runs on iOS and Android smartphones, providing consumers access to their favorite restaurant's menu from anywhere. Ordrslip gives restaurants the ability to reduce cost, grow ticket yields, improve order accuracy, better manage rushes, reach customers anywhere and increase revenue. Ordrslip supports all of the most popular POS solutions. Learn more about Ordrslip at www.ordrslip.com.

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