A Cosmetic Packaging Market Client Enhances Operational Efficiency and Substantially Increases Profit Margins | Infiniti’s Recent Success with Custom Market Research

With the increasing demand for tailor-made packaging materials and a rising number of sustainable packaging alternatives, the cosmetic packaging market is expected to grow in the coming years. However, these trends, combined with the various challenges like changing asset structures, are pressurizing market players to innovate manufacturing processes. How can cosmetic packaging market players cope with the pressure? Infiniti’s market research solutions enable market players to understand the various trends, risks, and challenges to develop appropriate strategies and always stay a step ahead of the curve. To leverage Infiniti’s market research solutions for comprehensive insights into the rapidly evolving cosmetics packaging market, and stay a step ahead of competitors, request a free proposal.

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Custom Market Research for a Cosmetic Packaging Market Client: Business Outcomes (Graphic: Business Wire)

Custom Market Research for a Cosmetic Packaging Market Client: Business Outcomes (Graphic: Business Wire)

“The ongoing cost pressure, complex supplier portfolios, shortening value chains, and changing asset structure are increasing challenges for companies operating in the cosmetic packaging market,” says a packaging market expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a cosmetic packaging company in Europe, was facing losses due to overproduction, a drop in product demand, and difficulty competing with low-cost cosmetic packaging manufacturers. The client sought to pursue digital technologies and invest in new machinery and infrastructure. They wanted to achieve performance improvements in production, supply chain, and asset management. Therefore, the cosmetic packaging market client chose to leverage Infiniti’s expertise in offering custom market research . During the ten-week engagement, the client also sought to understand price fluctuations in the market, improve packaging sustainability, and keep pace with technological changes.

Our Approach:

To assist the cosmetic packaging market client, Infiniti’s market research experts developed a comprehensive approach that included the following:

  • Analyzing of the cosmetics packaging market in their country
  • Generating actionable insights into profitable business opportunities, ongoing cost-pressure in the market, competitors’ strategies, and changing supplier structures
  • Assessing the market risks and analyzing of the performance of the client over the past few years
  • Identifying emerging technologies and exploring new digitalized models
  • Providing insights into the challenges involved in the production, supply chain, and asset management

Speak to industry experts to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how Infiniti’s market research solutions help cosmetic packaging market clients understand competitors’ strategies and market risks to stay ahead of the curve.

Business Outcome:

With Infiniti’s market research solution, the cosmetic packaging market client developed and integrated digital technologies to boost operational efficiency, streamlined supply chain operations, and invested in new machinery to create innovative packaging designs. Additionally, through the experts’ analysis of cosmetic packaging materials, the client could identify the best packaging materials that can withstand harsh environments and conditions. Further, the client devised contingency plans and stocked raw materials by understanding the price fluctuations. The cosmetic packaging market client also achieved operational excellence, assessed and tracked risk dimensions constantly, and implemented risk management approaches.

By leveraging Infiniti’s market research solution, the cosmetic packaging market client was able to:

  • Achieve cost reduction in production processes. To find out how read the complete article
  • Successfully improve performance in production, supply chain, and asset management
  • Enhance operational efficiency and increase profit margins by 34%

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