Taiwan Heavyweights Join Virtual Healthcare Matchmaking Platform to Drive Next Era of Corporate-Startup Collaboration

TAIPEI, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BE Capital, a startup accelerator and venture capital firm, together with Taiwan Tech Arena and Startup Island, has launched a virtual cross-border collaboration platform, HealthForAll, connecting the international healthcare ecosystem with Taiwan's dominant industries. The platform provides a unique opportunity for corporate-startup engagement across the areas of medical data, research & development, clinical trials, manufacturing, supply chain, and information & communications technology. Startup companies interested in leveraging the resources in Taiwan to transform the future of healthcare are encouraged to apply until 31 October, 2020.

This platform is the first step in fostering closer corporate-startup relations between Taiwan and the international healthcare community. The corporates have an opportunity to provide a "reverse pitch" for startups to better understand how they could potentially collaborate. The initial phase of the platform will culminate in a virtual meeting with corporates and selected startups as they seek ways to work together.

The platform has been well received by many corporate partners in Taiwan, including Acer Healthcare, Asus Cloud, Might Electronics, Advantech, Leosys, Wiltrom, JAG, and the OmniHealth Group. The initial interest is indicative of the eagerness for corporates to engage with startup talent. The platform will continue to engage with numerous corporate players and strengthen the HealthForAll network.

The platform focuses on building closer collaboration between Taiwanese corporates and international startup communities to help drive a new era of innovation. Taiwan has long been established as a global powerhouse in ICT and manufacturing and to maintain its competitive advantage there is a collective interest in starting a dialogue with promising startup companies.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for a rapid shift within the healthcare delivery model. The meteoric rise of digital health solutions has seen the disconnect of healthcare assets from healthcare services resulting in an increased focus on artificial intelligence, point-of-care diagnostics, and wearable biometric monitoring technologies.

Taiwan is uniquely positioned to drive innovation forward in the digital transformation of healthcare, as the ecosystem is already dominant in many of the industries involved in this shift. Thus, HealthForAll is geared towards providing an opportunity for startup companies to leverage the core competencies of Taiwan to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare.

The platform will continue to work closely with preexisting hospital and clinical partners, including Show Chwan Healthcare System, Taipei Medical University, SEQPRO and VCRO in a bid to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and technology application.

"Most corporate executives believe healthcare is the trend and innovation is critical for their businesses, yet they feel behind in the corporate's ability to innovate. HealthForAll helps corporates achieve inspiration and corporate growth through healthcare startup engagement," said Arthur Chen, Executive Director, BE Capital.

The HealthForAll platform has also received continued support from local Taiwan community partners, including Taiwan Tech Arena, Taiwan Startup Stadium, Startup Island, ITRI BDL, NARLabs ITO Invest Taipei, and the Development Center for Biotechnology.

To learn more about HealthForAll, please visit https://www.healthforall.tw/. To apply to the platform, visit https://www.healthforall.tw/online-applications. Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2020, for the first batch of the platform.

About BE Capital

BE Capital is a startup accelerator and venture builder that focuses exclusively on Healthtech and Medtech. Based in Taipei, Taiwan BE leverages the unique strengths of our ecosystem to position the accelerator as the gateway to Asia for both local and international startups. Considering the complex nature of healthcare, it has traditionally been an innovation adverse industry due to the associated risks of failure. However, BE has set out to remedy this situation with our unparalleled access to hospital facilities, research institutes, investors, healthcare experts, and other industry stakeholders. For more information please visit www.beaccelerator.com

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