Fashion Plaza set to disrupt the online fashion retail import market

BRISBANE, Australia, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Making a splash with a phenomenal growth of 100% monthly, online retailer Fashion Plaza is well on its way to dominating the Australian eCommerce fashion marketplace. Launched in August 2019, Fashion Plaza has already turned around product for more than 1000 new customers with a 50% growth rate every quarter. The company's pure-play strategy gives customers the option to buy directly from 100's of reliable manufacturers all in the one convenient location; allowing them to shop, not only for high-quality fashion items, but a lifestyle too.

Of late there has been an increasing demand for jewelry and fashion products, especially in the online sphere. With 57% online shoppers now purchasing from overseas retailers there is a greater opportunity for private labelled products shipped from Australia to increase international sales. The current COVID-19 crisis has also highlighted the importance of having a space online that is an all-stop shop for everything lifestyle related. Fashion Plaza is currently operating from regional Queensland and fulfilling orders internationally with worldwide shipping.

With a high focus on international fashion trends Fashion Plaza plans to strategically disrupt the online retail import market by providing customers fast shipping Australia wide, all at the same price. The retailer also plans to invest into its eCommerce platform to support the addition of personal recommendations based on customers' past shopping habits to help the brand reach even higher heights.

To increase its private label range and fill gaps in its range, Fashion Plaza is set to expand by designing some products from scratch and working with Australian designers to assist them in launching their own products on both our Australian marketplace and international website. This strategy also includes re-badging other products to sit alongside our overseas offerings.

As it stands, 40% of Australian shoppers' most recent purchases were from China, followed with 24% from the United States and 15% from the United Kingdom. After a great deal of purchases and traffic from the US on Fashion Plaza's international website, Fashion Plaza founder Sunil Kumar plans to also launch a US version of the marketplace after current restrictions on international flights and delays in retail postage are over.

"If we can make the shopping experience easier for people and allow them to see products together at our Online eCommerce marketplace they like, we think it will improve conversion rates and people will buy more."

Sunil Kumar is a Digital Strategist and Web Administration Expert with over 12 years' experience in the eCommerce field. This experience has assisted Kumar in mentoring eCommerce and online business clients; helping them grow from the ground up to turn over millions of dollars in revenue over a 3-4-year period.

SOURCE Fashion Plaza