AiMi Announces Carl Cox Joins Artist Advisory Board

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AiMi today announced that legendary DJ, world-class producer, and globetrotting performer Carl Cox has joined as the inaugural member of the AiMi Artist Advisory Board.

"I've been an avid fan of Carl Cox since I was able to attend my first EDM concert as a teenager," said Edward Balassanian, CEO of AiMi. "Carl has consistently been one of the top performers in electronic music history and he is widely recognized and respected by his peers and fans alike. It's truly an honor to have him be part of the AiMi team."

The AiMi Artist Advisory Board was created to allow artists to have a voice in the continued evolution of the AiMi platform. The advisory board provides AiMi with direct access to the artist community at large and will help ensure that artist creativity and empowerment are the forefront of the company's mission.

"I was lucky to get to see first hand what AIMI can do and I jumped at the chance to get involved," said Carl Cox. "AiMi is a way for artists to engage with fans in much the same way we do during live performances and that's what attracted me. As a founding member of the AiMi Artist Advisory Board I can take an active role in the platform's evolution and engagement with the artist community."

"Hearing and seeing what AiMi can deliver was like watching Blade Runner for the first time. Like our unique event at Stonehenge where Paul Oakenfold & Carl Cox played within the sacred stone circle, AiMi is a major breakthrough in how electronic music producers and performers can reimagine music and engage with their fans. We are delighted to be supporting the team at AIMI, bringing artists into the fold and engaging with the strategy to fast track the success of the platform is very exciting," said Alon Shulman, Chairman of World Famous Group and manager for Carl Cox.

About AiMi

AiMi's mission is to inspire great musical moments for every listener through the power of a dynamic beat. Our vision is to reimagine our relationship with the world's first and most loved platform for inspiration - music. AiMi was founded in 2019 with offices in Melbourne Australia, Austin and Los Angeles.

About Carl Cox

Considered by his peers as one of the greatest (and most charming) DJs in the business, Carl is a musical ambassador who has elevated the entire electronic music scene. A veteran of the rave scene, a champion of techno, a dance music pioneer, label owner, promoter, producer, live artist, the Three Deck Wizard, King of Ibiza - you name it, Carl's been there and done it. Always at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, Carl never loses sight of his passion which is sharing his love of music.

About World Famous Group

The World Famous Group, founded in 1990, is a full service advisory, investment, brand activation and special projects company producing unique high-value activity of an exceptional standard with an emphasis on creativity and innovation. Recent highlights include Paul Oakenfold live at Stonehenge, the Carl Cox Zenith timepiece collaboration, the bestselling Second Summer of Love publication and the London Motor Show 2021 Carl Cox Motorsport partnership.

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