Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

SANTA ANA, Calif., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Certain applications require remarkably high-quality water that only a Pure Aqua commercial reverse osmosis system can provide. The new design further enhances the system to be more compact, space efficient, and capable of reaching exceptional recovery rates. Users will find a very easy to use design, low maintenance requirements, customized solutions, and an environmentally friendly advanced technology.

In addition to reverse osmosis systems, Pure Aqua offers a wide range of other water treatment systems that incorporate pre-engineered solutions to meet the specific needs of industrial and commercial applications.

The engineering team is investing a huge amount of resources into developing first-rate water treatment systems with optimum performance. A precise and robust construction of the commercial reverse osmosis systems guarantee long-lasting life of the RO membranes, as well as overall system performance.

Users that already know the model number of their system can send an inquiry directly. If more information is required to ascertain the desired model number, please make sure to provide the following information:

    --  Water analysis
    --  Feed water source
    --  Required flow rate (GPD, GPM, M3/day or M3/hr)
    --  Application (drinking water, pharmaceutical, hotel, school, mining..etc)
    --  What is the desired product water quality? (TDS, pH, TSS, or any
        specific ion)
    --  Available power source (110/220/415/460V, 60 or 50 Hz)

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All of our systems are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

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SOURCE Pure Aqua, Inc.