eMazzanti Shares How MSPs Empower Remote Work with Flexible Solutions

HOBOKEN, N.J., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A NYC area IT consultant discusses three ways that using a managed services provider (MSP) empowers remote work in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first reviews the recent history and inherent challenges of remote work.

The author then discusses obtaining the right combination of cyber security solutions from an MSP. He then discusses how MSPs provide cloud migrations to make company data accessible from anywhere. He concludes by describing cloud-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.

"Stretching the security perimeter to include home offices makes businesses substantially more vulnerable to cyber-attack," stated Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies. "At the same time, employees need ready access to the tools and documents necessary for their work."

Below are a few excerpts from the article, "MSPs Empower Remote Work with Flexible Solutions."

Exceptional Security

"Your MSP will assist you in choosing the right combination of cyber security solutions and provide input regarding best practices. They will also help configure your network to handle an increase in remote connections and provide 24/7 network monitoring. Reliable backups, patch management and antivirus for all devices provide additional, essential data protection."

Working Seamlessly in the Cloud

"For organizations that have migrated to the cloud, remote workers can access their work seamlessly from any location with internet. And for those organizations not yet working in the cloud, MSPs can help you choose the right tools and migrate smoothly. Once in the cloud, your service provider will help ensure that your information stays safe and secure."

Productive Collaboration Across Distance

"MSPs empower remote work by helping you configure applications to get the most out of the available tools. For instance, a Microsoft Partner can suggest features you may not have discovered. And they can help you train employees who may not be familiar with new tools."

Discover How MSPs Empower Remote Work

With eMazzanti Technologies, business leaders enjoy access to a wealth of expertise. The company delivers enterprise-grade security solutions, protecting any device, anywhere. And with deep experience in the cloud, it helps them optimize their remote work environment while saving money.

For nearly twenty years, eMazzanti has delivered powerful solutions, customized to fit business needs. Contact a company representative to explore the many ways MSPs empower remote work.

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