Music Tech Startup Unveils Unique Bluetooth Guitar Effects Pedal on Kickstarter

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Audio tech startup Chaos Audio has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund a next-generation guitar effects pedal.

The pedal, dubbed Stratus, has been referred to as a Swiss Army knife for guitarists. Stratus is a Bluetooth enabled multi-effects platform that combines a customizable digital pedal board, guitar tuner, looper, metronome, and more. All the tools are seamlessly interfaced through Stratus and are controlled via the Chaos Audio smartphone app available on both Android and iOS devices. Users can access an online library of new audio effects through the mobile app to continuously shape their sound.

"Stratus is the guitar pedal re-imagined," said Landon McCoy, founder and CEO of Chaos Audio. "Think of it more as a computer than a stomp box. Stratus has all of the amenities guitarists have come to know and love from other smart devices including internal memory, a rechargeable battery, USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, and a functionally aesthetic LED light strip used for the tuner and other tools."

Chaos Audio is launching its Stratus Kickstarter campaign on November 1(st), 2020 and has several enticing awards lined up for potential backers. McCoy said he looks forward to bringing this project to every musician with a passion for cutting-edge technology.

"As a broke college student, I found it extremely difficult to afford a bunch of pricy guitar pedals. That's when I had the idea to create a multi-effects platform to help guitarists like me get access to the full pedal board experience without breaking the bank," McCoy said.

McCoy enlisted the aid of his fellow engineering students at Florida State University - Panama City to get the idea off the ground. Their achievements were soon recognized by local agencies and they were awarded grants and a residency at the TechFarms tech incubator in Panama City Beach.

The company needs $25,000 to fully fund the Stratus project. The Kickstarter campaign can be found at this link:

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