Avatier for Chrome Extension Centralizes Identity Governance & Administration Solution for Chromebook and Microsoft Edge

PLEASANTON, Calif., Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Avatier Corporation, the pioneers of work from anywhere (WFA) Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) cloud service, container solutions and access governance solutions, today announced the release of Avatier for Chrome, a new plug-in for Google Chrome designed to provide centralized Identity Access Management (IAM) control over students, faculty and employees using Chromebooks, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers to access computing resources.

More schools and corporations are standardizing on browser-based applications for remote users, and Avatier for Chrome is designed to provide a simple, secure means of managing user identity and access management. Using web-based resources provides always-on access, making it easier to deliver push notifications and make users more productive while minimizing hardware and software licensing costs. Standardizing on browser-based software also gives IT managers greater control and improved security for work-from-home users, including identity management.

"The work-from-anywhere phenomenon is here to stay, and infosec managers are looking for new ways to secure and authenticate remote users. Now is the perfect time to deliver a Chrome extension that controls remote access with SSO and simplifies IGA," said Nelson Cicchitto, founder and CEO of Avatier. "Working at home presents more distractions, so we included push notifications so users never miss an access request. Avatier for Chrome can save schools and organizations millions of dollars by streamlining security controls and authorization through a common, self-service web interface that is identical to the interface for our recently announced Avatier for iOS and Android."

The market for Chromebooks has been exploding with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Reports and Data, the global market for Chromebooks is expected to reach $14.03 billion by 2027, and with the pandemic, Chromebook sales made up 25 percent of all notebook shipments for the first time in Q2 2020 with 11.6 million units. Google Chrome is the dominant browser with 66 percent of global market share, and more schools, universities and businesses are standardizing on Chromebooks to give users to access web-based resources hosted in the cloud, in private clouds or as enterprise assets.

Avatier for Chrome is the next phase in the company's strategy to develop an omnichannel Identity Anywhere management solution with a common user interface and features, including:

    --  Single sign-on: Avatier's single sign-on (SSO) uses your existing
        directory users and groups to automate application access provisioning.
        SaaS license analytics also makes it easier to track use allocations and
        license spend, so IT can reallocate SaaS seats to cut cloud licensing
        costs by 30 percent and increase productivity. Avatier SSO supports
        leading industry standards like SAML, oAuth, OpenID and SCIM for JIT
        provisioning and de-provisioning for offboarding.
    --  Always connected: Unlike other IGA solutions, Avatier for Chrome is
        always connected so any time a user is online they can receive updates
        and push notifications. It's the ideal approach to deal with urgent
    --  User provisioning: To support lifecycle management, Avatier for Chrome
        includes self-service access requests so data assets can be granted,
        disabled or deleted either in real-time or as a scheduled task. Managers
        can establish controls by assigning organizational units, groups, roles
        and manage users according to their available budget. Mobile support,
        risk scoring and dual-authenticated workflow approval simplify lifecycle
        management and promote compliance.
    --  Access governance:  Access certification includes a central snapshot of
        authorizations for governance risk and compliance. Avatier for Chrome
        features multilevel IT audit approvals to automate IGA certification and
        reviews, including the ability to revoke access and delete accounts in
    --  Password management: Self-service password management with multifactor
        authentication (MFA) increases productivity by reducing downtime waiting
        for reset passwords. It also can help make customer-facing companies by
        shortening response times since users can securely control passwords for
        CRM access. Avatier's Password Policy Manager enforces enterprise
        password policy to maintain strong passwords across all systems.

What makes Avatier for Chrome so simple and powerful for IAM is Avatier's Universal Workflow Platform(TM) which provides a single solution for all business requests and change controls. As a result, urgent requests are handled immediately to increase workforce productivity and reduce IT support time.

Avatier offers aggressive fixed pricing for educational institutions.

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