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Mafo Holding B.V. and its subsidiaries Mafo Naval Closures BV and Mafo Food and Cleaning Equipment BV are located in Almelo, the Netherlands. Mafo was founded approximately 50 years ago in Oldenzaal/Netherlands and has since been in the business of design and manufacture of structural water- and gastight doors hatches and scuttles (closures) for commercial but especially Naval Surface vessels. Mafo Naval Closures BV (Mafo for short) also designs telescopic helicopter hangar doors for Naval vessels.

Mafo products are sold to Navies worldwide and are tested and qualified to many military standards. The products are regularly tested for shock, vibration, hydro pressure and life cycles.

Mafo designs and manufactures closures in aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and several composite materials and Mafo works together with Navies, Naval Architects and Shipyards in an early stage of a new ship design, to achieve at the most efficient closure design and integration of the closures in the ships structure. 

Recently Mafo has designed a new line of closures. These closures are virtually maintenance free – they passed 5 million cycles and no maintenance was required. These closures can be installed easily in warped bulkheads and also in corrugated bulkheads. The closures also have excellent RCS signatures and are very light weight. These are now in use on board of US Navy vessels since 2000 and on several ships classes: DDG 51 Class, LPD 17 Class and LCS Class.

Mafo structural doors are also manufactured under license in the USA. Mafo telescopic hangar doors are relatively light weight and can be build in a large range of clear openings. Recently Mafo has build a hangar door with a clear opening of 5,9 meters high and 14 meters wide. Most Mafo products are exported and Mafo can name many Navies in the world as her customers.

MAFO Naval Closures B.V.

  • Wierdensestraat 226, 7604 BS, Almelo, The Netherlands
  • +31 (0) 546-575360
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