Empower Your Design Innovation by Attending Maxim Integrated's Virtual Booth at electronica 2020

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Under the "Empower Your Design Innovation" theme, Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) will offer a rich collection of online content along with demonstrations of some of its latest products at the company's virtual booth at electronica 2020. Visitors will learn about the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), that can enhance a variety of applications in the areas of Industrial, Healthcare, Essential Analog, Microcontrollers, Security, Mobile Power, and Cloud/Data Center as well as gain insight into some of Maxim Integrated's leading-edge Design Tools.

During this virtual experience, designers will experience uniquely innovative solutions enabling AI at the edge, revolutionary adaptive manufacturing and industrial IoT solutions that are empowering intelligence at the edge, as well as low-power consumption and miniaturized healthcare innovations. Webinars and virtual meetings with technical experts are available from November 3 to 12, while the virtual booth is available from November 9 to 12.

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Visitors will gain access to over 50 Industrial, Healthcare, Consumer, Cloud/Data Center, Microcontroller and Security demos including the following:

    --  Protect Your Power System from Current, Voltage and Temperature
    --  Intelligent Sensors for Industrial Automation
    --  Wrist-Based SpO(2) Reference Design with Clinical-Grade Accuracy
    --  Complete Optical Biosensing Module for Heart Rate and SpO(2) Monitoring
    --  Fast Charging with USB Power Delivery
    --  IR Temperature Monitoring System
    --  Future of Automotive Authentication
    --  Hot-Swap Protection ICs for Networking, Servers, Storage, and Telecom
    --  Low-Profile, High Power Density Solutions for AI
    --  Start Here--100s of Tested Reference Designs with CAD Schematics to
        Accelerate Your Next Design
    --  Home Automation with ISM Transmitter/Receiver

In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to watch 20 webinars with high-caliber technical experts discussing the latest design trends, including the following:

    --  New IO-Link® Transceivers Make Sensor and Actuator Designs Easier
    --  Create Cooler, Smaller and Simpler DC-DC Power Supply Solutions Without
        Being an Expert
    --  How to Increase Runtime and Reduce Size of Solar-Powered IoT Devices
    --  Reference Design for Personalized Healthcare
    --  Securing IoT Sensor Nodes to the Google Cloud
    --  Securing Automotive Endpoints to Ensure Connectivity with Genuine and
        Safe Components
    --  Maxim Power Solutions for AI with the Coupled Inductor Advantage
    --  Out-of-the-Box USB Type-C Solutions Cut Development Time and Minimize
        Solution Size
    --  Case Study: Design and Optimize Your Power Supply in Under an Hour

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About Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated, an engineer's engineering company, exists to solve the designer's toughest problems in order to empower design innovation. Our broad portfolio of high-performance semiconductors, combined with world-class tools and support, delivers essential analog solutions including efficient power, precision measurement, reliable connectivity and robust protection along with intelligent processing. Designers in application areas such as automotive, communications, consumer, data center, healthcare, industrial and IoT trust Maxim to help them quickly develop smaller, smarter and more secure designs. Learn more at https://www.maximintegrated.com.

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