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ELNO is a manufacturer of electro-acoustic and communication equipment: headsets, microphones, intercom, public address, on-board passenger information.

Defence & Security - Elno designs and manufactures communication systems for severe environment alongside many armed and mainland security forces in the world. Both the performance of its innovative technologies and the ergonomics of its equipment ensure communication and crews’ protection effectiveness. Elno is part of the French Future Soldier program by providing a headset based on bone conduction technology.

Transport - Elno is a leading company of passengers’ information systems. The group is a reference for sound equipment in railway stations and airports from its expertise in term of safety in public places. These technologies are also being developed for embedded systems placed on-board trains, metros, trams. Associated with rear-view video systems, they assure passenger comfort, safety and improved information.

Aeronautic & Industry - Elno is partnered with major OEMs for the supply of acoustic products. The company offers a wide range of equipment for intercom and telecommunication systems. Close to its customers, Elno is involved in the development of innovative solutions like solutions for public transportation and air traffic control. Elno is an approved provider by the aircraft manufacturers and airlines for both original equipment and maintenance.

Products and technologies - A pioneer and market leader in France in the design and manufacture of high quality audio systems and equipment for complex environments, the ELNO Group is today a benchmark reference with a presence in over 40 countries around the world. Historical technological expertise, a cutting-edge approach to innovation and international patents make ELNO the privileged partner for Defence, Public Safety, Transport, Aeronautics and Industry.

The company is ISO 9001 certified. The quality approach is based on an active and continuous improvement of the organization and a regular update of the management tools.

Products and Systems meet the highest existing standards in their field of application: AQAP 2110 (defence); RIS AQF SNCF (railway); EN 9100 (aerospace).

Elno Group

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