Tektronix announces TekScope PC Software with enhanced Multi-Scope Analysis

BEAVERTON, Ore., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix, Inc. recently launched a new feature to its TekScope PC Software, making it the newest and most sophisticated waveform analysis PC software in the test and measurement market. TekScope PC Software with enhanced Multi-Scope Analysis allows remote users to view and analyze data from up to 32 channels from multiple scopes at the same time in the same interface, accelerating analysis efficiency.

Tektronix accelerated the development of TekScope for customers as the global COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered how and where engineers work. As many engineers move to off-scope environments, Tektronix's new Multi-Scope Analysis feature allows the engineer to process, analyze and share data efficiently, without having to be physically next to a scope or in the testing environment.

Unlike competing software, the Multi-Scope Analysis feature enables customers to remotely control the acquisition settings on all scopes simultaneously without the need to set up each scope individually. Customers asked for a solution with high resolution that can catch very fast glitches across many channels at once. The Multi-Scope Analysis feature on TekScope solves that need.

"Developing test applications that can support up to 32 oscilloscope channels imposes many feasibility challenges, long development times, and a long time to market," says Raajit Lall, Tektronix General Manager of Market Solutions. "TekScope bridges the gap, and helps customers get a sense of a real 32-channel scope, all with a user interface they are familiar with. By using the software to connect to multiple scopes and aggregate the data into a single place, customers can now debug multiple channels simultaneously like never before."

Remote Oscilloscope Connection
TekScope is compatible with data taken from all Tektronix scopes so users can leverage Tektronix's award-winning UI and analysis features for all existing scopes. Customers can remotely connect to Tektronix 4/5/6 Series MSO, Tektronix 5/6 Low-Profile scopes, Tektronix DPO 70000C, 70000SX and 70000DX scopes, as well as Tektronix Bench scopes TBS 1000 and TBS 2000. While doing so, users can pull real-time data from scopes into the TekScope PC software and conduct further analysis locally while debugging 32 channels together.

TekScope PC Software is now available worldwide. Subscription prices start at $650 US. For more information, visit https://www.tek.com/software/tekscope-pc-analysis-software.

About TekScope PC Software
TekScope PC Software
brings the power of the oscilloscope analysis environment to the PC. Users have the flexibility to perform analysis tasks including serial decode, power analysis, as well as timing, eye and jitter analysis outside the lab. Users can take data from their oscilloscopes and continue the work at any place while easily sharing analysis results with their peers. Launched globally on June 30, 2020 with the mission of "Helping Customers with Waveform Analysis Anywhere Anytime," TekScope brings the following core values of:

    --  Convenience & Productivity - TekScope allows users to analyze waveform
        files from any location at any time, taken from a wide variety of
        scopes, including other brands, to improve working efficiency, save time
        and eliminate unnecessary trips to the lab. With TekScope users can free
        up their scope and allow others to use it while users analyze and debug
        data on their PCs.
    --  Data Sharing - TekScope allows users to work with actual data files, not
        with screenshots. Users can zoom in on waveforms, move cursors, measure,
        and more, all while sharing with colleagues.
    --  Multi-Scope Analysis - TekScope is designed for users seeking a modular
        channel system that can be expanded up to 32 channels. With the
        Multi-Scope license, engineers can use TekScope with new or existing
        scopes, allowing them to view and analyze real-time data from up to 32
        channels on up to 4 scopes at the same time in a centralized place.
    --  Augmenting Your Scope - Augment scopes with additional analysis
        capabilities that customers could not get otherwise with their software
        options on-scope. TekScope is compatible with data taken from all
        Tektronix scopes so users can leverage Tektronix's award-winning UI and
        analysis features for all existing scopes.

About Tektronix
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