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Exote Ltd., based in Helsinki, Finland, is specialized in R&D and production of customized advanced materials for military and industrial clients. Exote Ltd. manufactures Exote-Armour - a new metal-ceramic composite capable of stopping multiple high-velocity AP bullets with tungsten carbide cores. Exote-Armour is also exceptionally rigid, as thus suitable for harsh battlefield conditions, regarding both vehicle and personnel armour solutions.

Exote-Armour Applications

Military & Security

  • SAPI plates for bullet-resistant vests
  • Light-weight armoured shields, blankets, panels
  • Land vehicles (military, VIP, value transport, immediate action vehicles)
  • Maritime vessels (vital electronic systems, bridge, gun turrets)
  • Aerospace vehicles (vital systems, cockpit)
  • Operational control centres, field hangars, mobile radar, air and fire control centres
  • Infrastructure protection (e.g. doors, walls)
  • Safes, vaults, containers
  • Add-on armour kits

Industrial Applications

  • Abrasion parts in grinders, crushers, and mixers
  • Abrasion parts in valves and seals
  • Abrasion resistant slides
  • Friction pads and surface
  • Chemically long-lasting jets for oil, metal etc. industry (melted metal, power plant fuel)
  • Corrosion resistant components in

  - paper-mills chemical industry

  - power-plants

  - cutters, tilling machines, etc.

  • Wire drawing and rolling machines
  • Electric components as contact points, circuit breakers, electrodes, rails, etc
  • Grinding powder
  • Sand-blasting jets, etc
  • Seals for fast axels
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Osmo Maenpaa
+35 89 512 4012
+35 89 512 4002
Borgbyntie 5, 10440 Bolista, Pohja, Finland


Exote-Armour is a new metal-ceramic composite capable of stopping multiple high-velocity AP rounds, including those equipped with hard metal cores. Exote is effective against any type of AP round, but most competitive against highly penetrative types, such as the Bofors Carl Gustav / FFV 7.62x51R or 12.7mm/14.5mm caliber AP rounds.

Exote-Armour is capable of stopping several such AP rounds fired at a small target area. After stopping a shot only the area of impact - marginally larger than the caliber - is damaged, and the remainder of the plate remains protective. Hence, the multi-hit capabilities of Exote-Armour are exceptional in comparison to any other light-weight armour material.

Exote-Armour is also extremely robust, and can withstand shocks encountered during normal use: rapid driving a rough terrain, flying stones, rough handling of body armour plates, etc. Exote-Armour plates can, for example, be attached directly onto the outer surface of the vehicle chassis without additional shock absorbing layers.

Due to its proprietary manufacturing process, Exote-Armour can be produced in large quantities at a rapid pace. Exote-Armour can be produced in the form of flat plates, or as a variety of complex shapes. Manufacturing can be cost-effectively distributed to any locations where basic industrial infrastructure exists

Exote-Armour is harder than any modern AP round's penetrating tungsten carbide core and the armour breaks the round into dust.

Exote-armour spreads the energy of the hit and distributes it over a larger area thus fully neutralizing impact. The damage area is much smaller than that of conventional ceramic armours due to Exote-Armour's unique toughness.

Exote-Armour's damage area is only 20-30% larger than the caliber of the hit and the rest of the plate will still remain protective. Exote-Armour is by this nature a superior multi-hit armour.

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Exote Ltd.

  • Borgbyntie 5, 10440 Bolista, Helsinki, Finland
  • +358 400 461198
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