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NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ready Computing introduces Wellbase, an innovative, secure data hosting, managed services and support solution that delivers exceptional customer experience for healthcare IT solutions and beyond. Wellbase is a reliable, high-performance data management and support solution to optimize business operations and enable customers to focus on their core business.

Ready Computing, a leader in healthcare IT services and solutions, is excited to introduce Wellbase, a complete and flexible healthcare IT data hosting, managed services and support solution that powers complex mission-critical healthcare and other industry applications.

Ready's Wellbase offering is unique as it can be a full turn-key IT management solution or an a la carte offering that is tailored to a client's needs, requirements and resources. Starting with cost-effective, high-performance and secure data hosting in the cloud, Ready ensures that a client's IT infrastructure is optimally designed and sized appropriately. Wellbase provides a managed services solution that monitors the entire platform, with automated alerts and support automation tools that ensure the system is operating properly and any anomalies are assessed, prioritized and managed through Ready's Wellbase Coordinator technology.

Wellbase customers can benefit from Ready Computing's 24/7 Customer Support with advanced Customer Experience tools or customize the offering to augment their existing staff and tools.

Ready's clients are quickly seeing the value of Wellbase through reduced costs, improved performance, increased customer satisfaction and the ability to focus on their core business - not their IT infrastructure and applications.

"A priority at Ready Computing is to provide our clients with innovative solutions that not only provide an ROI and an improved experience, but allow them to focus on what they do best. Let us handle the IT plumbing, and you delight your customers," said Brett Johnson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Ready Computing.

"We are really excited about our recent Wellbase innovations, such as Wellbase Coordinator, powered by an easy-to-customize workflow solution so IT support teams are alerted proactively and appropriately - preventing issues and optimizing team utilization. It's going to make a lot people of happy," said Chad Root, Vice President of Operations and Managed Services, Ready Computing.

The Wellbase Dashboard allows for easy performance and support monitoring

The Wellbase solution offers many benefits, including (but not limited to):

    --  Secure cloud hosting - Clients benefit from Wellbase's secure and robust
        infrastructure capabilities for demanding enterprise environments with
        true business continuity and disaster recovery.
    --  Managed services - A staff with over 50 years of healthcare IT support
        and experience provide world-class customer care and support.
    --  Proactive monitoring - Wellbase actively monitors the complete system
        and applications to provide proactive alerting, faster root-cause
        analysis and a "single pane of glass" experience of IT support teams.
    --  Coordinated response - Cohesion increases response team efficiency, and
        through automated and prioritized alerts and notifications, enables
        clients to customize how resources are engaged and issues resolved.

Wellbase will help businesses of all sizes manage daily IT operations through performance monitoring and management optimization. For more information on Wellbase, visit Ready Computing.

About Ready Computing

Ready Computing specializes in designing, building, implementing, and managing large-scale IT solutions for healthcare and other industries. Ready Computing serves both the public and private sectors in the United States and internationally and supports organizations of all sizes with its comprehensive software and service offerings. Ready Computing excels in leveraging existing IT investments while providing complementary solutions that position clients for future growth and competitive advantage.

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