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Adaptability is our promise

Roll Group offers a total solution on transportation, lifting and installation of heavy cargo. Operating under one name, the forces of the companies RollDock, BigRoll and Roll-Lift are strengthened.

RollDock owns five and operates six dock-type vessels, which all have the option of three loading modes - Roll-On/Roll-Off, Float-In/Float-Out and Lift-On/Lift-Off. The semi-submersible aspect of the RollDock vessels enables other ships and floating equipment to sail into the dock of the RollDock vessel. The high dock walls and the possibility to provide incoming ships with cooling water and power make the RollDock vessels even more suitable for the transport of naval ships.

Naval ships must be transported accurately and often with the necessary discretion. Roll Group have been the partner of choice for navy’s and naval ship builders to provide the logistical solutions for the worldwide transportation of valuable equipment, such as submarines, corvettes and fast missile craft. Roll Group gained a lot of experience and knowledge over a large number of projects, working according to strict country rules. Each project is meticulously planned and handled with the utmost precision and care. Our engineers are able to design custom made frames and saddles, which perfectly fit to the shape of the hulls.

Besides this niche industry, Roll Group’s asset base ensures the ability to serve a wide range of markets and industries, such as: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Power, Civil Construction, Dredging, Offshore and Yachting.

Roll Group’s philosophy is that our land/sea combination enables us to offer ‘Factory to Foundation’ solutions - to bring heavy cargo from the place of manufacturing to its final destination for installation. With an innovative and diverse asset base and ability to adapt, Roll Group takes care of heavy cargo and provide effective, innovative and sustainable services, using our unique engineering know how.

Besides the RollDock vessels, Roll Group owns three BigRoll Module Carriers, which are ice-classed and (ready to be) equipped with DP2. On the land side Roll‐Lift operates a large number of modern heavy lift cranes, Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT’s), Conventional Trailers, Gantries and Jacking & Skidding equipment. Roll Group is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and strategically based in Houston and Singapore. In addition, Roll Group may rely on its satellite offices and an extensive network of agents.



Interview with Mr. Paul Meester, Business Development Manager at Roll Group (May 22, 2020) Source: Epicos (link)



RollDock handles the heaviest cargoes with an innovative fleet. The dock-type vessels are extremely flexible due to their three loading modes - Roll-On/Roll-Off, Float-In/FloatOut and Lift-On/Lift-Off - each of which can be utilized and combined according to any circumstance. As part of Roll Group, RollDock benefits from essential in-house knowledge gained from the experience of serving a wide range of markets, such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Power, Civil Construction, Dredging and Naval. Transporting the heaviest cargoes around the world can be challenging, which is why we cooperate with our clients and fully utilize our engineering capability. RollDock has the ability to advise on the best design options for modules, transportation solutions and preferred routings.

To accomplish every transportation safely, smoothly and on time, we can rely on our modern fleet of vessels. Both generations of vessels have the ability to tackle the most challenging transportation requirements. The S-class with hold dimensions of 116.20 x 19.00 x 8.10 m, and the STclass with 119.44 x 19.40 x 8.10 m hold space, are able to submerge to a depth of 12.5 meters creating a draft in hold of 6.6 meters for Flo-Flo operations. The ramp/deck design in combination with the ballast tanks makes it possible to successfully match with any quay height. The stern ramp allows Ro-Ro cargo up to 4,000 mt and 4,500 mt per unit respectively, and the deck cranes can lift up to 350 mt, or 700 mt in tandem lifting.

The special design of the RollDock vessels have many benefits. The dock walls offer protection against nature’s elements, while the hatch covers maximize the surface of the loading deck. The innovative Octopus motion monitoring and prediction system safeguards limited cargo accelerations, and during the voyage we can provide the cargo with utilities to enable maintenance opportunities.


With an innovative fleet of three unique vessels, BigRoll transports the world’s most extreme modules. The ice-class BigRoll Module Carriers have already undertaken a number of challenging voyages. With a length from 146 to 173 meters, the MC-Class vessels cut an impressive figure. They have been especially designed to transport the heaviest modules, offering solutions for onshore and offshore heavy transport projects. Due to the specific characteristics, the Module Carriers are extremely flexible and have the ability to carry any large cargo - not only modules but also items such as completely assembled port cranes or windmill blades.

The BigRoll Bering and BigRoll Beaufort have been operational since 2016 and 2017 respectively, were constructed in accordance with Finnish Swedish 1A Ice Class regulations and designed with a focus on low fuel consumption. To ensure safe transportation of the heaviest cargoes across the world’s oceans we place our engineering capability at the forefront of every project we undertake. As part of Roll Group, BigRoll can benefit from in-house essential knowledge and over a decade of Ro-Ro experience. Our team consists of dedicated professionals in a wide range of disciplines such as safety, quality, marine engineering and project management. They are involved from the earliest phase of project planning right through to the execution stage and ultimately project completion. At the start of 2020, Roll Group acquired a new vessel - named BigRoll Biscay - which was originally built in 2015.

The entire deck surface of the MC-Class vessels can be utilized offering an abundance of space with a length of 125 meters and a width of 42 meters (BigRoll Bering and BigRoll Beaufort) and 123.8 x 32.20 meters of deck space onboard the BigRoll Biscay. The completely flush deck is highly suitable for Roll-On/Roll-Off and SkidOn/Skid-Off operations. Due to the high ballast capacity of at least 12,000 m3/h and a deck strength of 20 t/sqm (all vessels), BigRoll ensures safe and efficient transportation of extreme cargoes.


Operating in the world of heavy lifting often means overcoming challenges and taking responsibility. Roll-Lift utilises extensive knowledge gained from years of experience lifting and transporting heavy, oversized cargo to provide safe, practical and cost-efficient solutions to the needs of our clients. Working with Roll-Lift means we alleviate your concerns. We have the in-house ability to review all available options and provide a fully comprehensive ‘Factory to Foundation’ solution. Our wide range of equipment enables us to complete the most demanding heavy lifting and specialist transport projects. 

With our experienced team of operators, supervisors and engineers we operate specialist cranes and handle load-in and load-out operations with highly manoeuvrable equipment. We undertake every project from concept to completion and have the ability to prepare fully comprehensive route studies incorporating full knowledge of local and international regulations. Combined with the services of our associated Roll Group companies, we have the ability to provide integrated or stand-alone marine transportation services.

Every lifting, transport and installation project has unique characteristics. State-of-the-art equipment and experience-backed knowledge are required in order to undertake projects safely, successfully, on time and without damage or incidents. Roll-Lift utilizes its own modern equipment fleet to ensure efficient operations. Our fleet consists of crawler and telescopic cranes, SPMT’s, conventional trailers, jacking and skidding equipment and gantries.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas market is characterized by large-scale projects, with immense and expensive modules. Since fabrication yards and job sites are often far apart, reliable transport is of great importance.

Roll Group has extensive experience in this field. Coupled with our engineering ability, proactive approach to the SHEQ aspects and state-of-the-art asset base enables us to offer safe, efficient and cost effective sea transport, lifting, transportation and installation solutions for critical items of process plant and the necessary equipment.

By combining the strengths of RollDock, BigRoll and Roll-Lift, we offer a flexible engineered and tailored ‘Factory to Foundation’ service, fully adaptable to the needs of our clients at any given location and at any moment of the project.


Naval ships must be transported accurately and often with the necessary discretion. Roll Group have been the partner of choice for navy’s and naval ship builders to provide the logistical solutions for the worldwide transportation of valuable equipment, such as submarines, corvettes and fast missile craft.

Roll Group gained a lot of experience and knowledge over a large number of projects, working according to strict country rules. Each project is meticulously planned and handled with the utmost precision and care.

Our engineers are able to design custom made frames and saddles, which perfectly fit to the shape of the hulls. In combination with the Octopus motion monitoring system on board we remain the cargo accelerations within the set limits.

Our vessels are very suitable for the transport of naval cargos. The hatch covers can be closed to avoid prying eyes and inside the dock the cargoes can be provided with cooling water and power.


The transportation and relocation of dredging equipment around the world is a regular activity for Roll Group. We have undertaken a large number of projects providing both delivery of new dredgers to their purchasers, as well as mobilization and demobilization of existing equipment to various locations.

Roll Group offers an efficient door-to-door service. Due to our engineering adaptability, we can safely load and discharge at any location. Even at the most impassable locations we create safe mooring conditions. The flexible approach of our Cargo Superintendents ensure that also unexpected equipment will be loaded, in case there is still space.

The submerging ability of our vessels coupled with the large dock hold and high sailing speed of our vessels ensure a safe and fast transit of dredging equipment.


From the very first beginning, the Roll Group companies are involved in the refineries and chemical sectors across the world. In the petrochemical sector the projects are often large-scale and have strict deadlines. Our management teams and in-house engineering department work closely with all involved parties to provide a fully coordinated and safe solution to every logistical or heavy lift requirement on time.

Roll Group’s engineering capabilities can be deployed at any time during a project. Our engineers collaborate with our clients to develop ideas into workable concepts, analyze critical paths, advise and assist up to the detail design phase.

With our growing asset base, we are able to be involved in long-term projects. Our state-of-the-art vessels, with their different loading and unloading methods, are very suitable to handle installations, no matter their size and weight.

Renewable Energy

The development of large wind farms and the recent growth of the renewable energy sector in general has seen Roll Group partake in a number of projects involving the transportation and lifting of windmill blades, turbine equipment and transition pieces for example.

These projects have provided our team with the necessary experience needed to handle this valuable and vulnerable cargo.

The adaptability of our vessels with their Roll-On / Roll-Off and Lift-On / Lift-Off possibilities in combination with our specialist extendable trailers mean we are ideally equipped to handle all equipment in the renewable energy sector.

Due to the possibility of loading at multiple levels and the large total weight of cargo that we can transport, means that our vessels have a lot of space to offer. Which results in maximum cargo per shipment, decreasing the number of voyages.


Within the offshore market Roll Group provides maritime services directly to our partners executing challenging projects offshore. With a diverse and innovative fleet we ensure to offer the vessels that best suits the job.

Roll Group can be of assistance during the start of a project, the commissioning phase and at the end of a project, the decommissioning phase. Especially our Module Carriers are very suitable to supply modules and other large pieces of equipment directly offshore.

Or can assist during the installation of the modules, by using their ballast capacity and the dynamic positioning features. In combination with the flush deck and high ballast capacities, we can load major modules both onshore and offshore.

While the variation in project characteristics offshore is enormous, the services and capabilities Roll Group offers are consistent. We provide the marine transportation services required by our partners in the offshore industry.

Port Handling

World trade is growing, and so is the conviction that we need to reduce our CO2 emissions. More and more goods are therefore no longer being transported by road but are finding their way more and more by rail and sea. To cope with this increased demand, the world’s ports need bigger, more efficient and stronger port handling equipment than ever before.

New and used equipment is transported, to be in the right place to handle all types of cargo.

Roll Group’s versatile fleet of vessels is perfectly suited to transport even the heaviest, most bulky port handling equipment in a completely assembled state.


The combination of the versatility of the vessel fleet and the Roll-Lift heavy equipment works out well for the Power industry. Roll Group has undertaken a number of projects in this sector, providing logistical services to transport and deliver items such as transformers and generators by both sea and road.

To make use of the multiple load and discharge methods, Roll Group provides cost and time advantages.

Experience shows that cargo for the Power industry can vary considerably in weight and size. Roll Group offers solutions for every cargo. For example, a very heavy load can be lifted on board by tandem lifting with the vessels cranes or the Roll-Lift equipment. Our engineers design dedicated transport frames for high loads. For smaller cargo, our team always investigate part cargo options.


The semi-submersible aspect of our RollDock vessels makes them extremely suitable for the transport of ships and floating objects, such as river cruises and super yachts. By the designing of tailor-made sea fastening and grillage by our in-house engineering department and the expertise of our operational team, Roll Group ensures accurate loading, transport and discharge.

The combination with the Roll-On / Roll-Off method can also provide the perfect solution in many cases, like launches of yachts.


The designs of new landmark constructions are pushing the envelope, with large and heavy components. These projects ask for an outside the box approach, expertise and an innovative asset base, to bring the manufactured constructions to the installation site.

Roll Group is happy to tackle these challenges. We always manage to meet the constructions goals in safety, planning and budgets.

Our dock vessels, as well as our fleet of Module Carriers with flush decks, are fully adaptable to the load. For example, rails and flat racks make it possible to transport complete assembled cranes. The three different loading methods – Ro/Ro, Flo/Flo, Lo/Lo – make us flexible in the order of loading and discharge.

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