Diginex Virtual Strategy Day Spotlights EQUOS Product Strategy as well as Key Updates and Market Opportunities

SINGAPORE, Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Diginex Limited (Nasdaq: EQOS) ("Diginex" or the "Company"), a digital assets financial services company, held its inaugural Strategy Day for investors and analysts on November 12th. During this virtual event, the Diginex leadership team presented its product roadmap and its strategic priorities. The event also featured a lively roundtable discussion between industry experts on the key triggers required for the mainstream adoption of digital assets, amid widening participation by both retail and institutional investors.

Diginex Chairman Chi-Won Yoon said: "As the first company with a crypto exchange to be listed on Nasdaq, we take our responsibility seriously. We aim to operate to the highest governance standards. Our leadership team has deep financial expertise and we will leverage that experience to bridge the divide that exist between digital assets and traditional finance." Watch Mr. Yoon's opening remarks here.

Shane Edwards, Head of Investment Products at Diginex walked the audience through the evolution of digital assets from the birth of Bitcoin, the evolving profile of a typical digital asset investor, key players in the market today, and emerging themes for the future.

He said: "This is a new world and understandably there has been skepticism, but the technological advancements are far too profound to ignore. Bitcoin has stood the test of time and we will see increasing mainstream adoption from institutions. We are at the cusp of a landmark opportunity in finance where the markets will be revolutionized in the years ahead." Watch Mr. Edwards full presentation here.

Diginex CEO Richard Byworth said the company's vision was to "bring Digital Assets to the world".

"This digital asset opportunity has been brought forward this year with the advent of a global pandemic. Next year is going to likely see significant acceleration in the value of Bitcoin and broader digital asset adoption," he said.

It will be crucial for early adopting institutions to mitigate reputational risk, said Mr. Byworth, and that the Diginex platform was unique in offering a regulatory focused platform with the added benefit of being listed on the world's premier technology focused stock market. He said being listed "demonstrates a level of transparency and governance that this industry has been significantly lacking to date".

Mr. Byworth also outlined how the company was unlocking opportunities in two key areas: product innovations and capital markets; and that investors had the opportunity to gain exposure to a whole digital assets financial services ecosystem. Watch his full presentation here.

A deeper dive into the Company's product roadmap was presented by Neil Sheppard, Chief Operating Officer of Financial Services at Diginex. He emphasized the importance of creating innovative products that appeal both to crypto native investors as well as traditional finance investors.

Mr. Sheppard gave a number of examples of how the Company is achieving this, including its securitization capabilities, fair and transparent liquidation process and the USDC/USD fungibility offered by the Company's cryptocurrency exchange EQUOS.

"EQUOS has adopted a unique approach whereby users can determine whether they wish to have their account denominated in US dollars fiat currency or in USDC, our chosen settlement stablecoin. EQUOS then effectively holds and manages user accounts in that currency and trading is agnostic as to whether or not the account is held in USD or USDC. This makes sure customers have the ability to deposit assets onto the platform in a way that is simple but also based on their own experiences, digitally native or not." Watch Mr. Sheppard's full presentation here.

Diginex invited ITIVITI CEO Rob Mackay for a spotlight session with Mr. Byworth. Diginex announced a partnership agreement with ITIVITI early this year to collaborate on its multi-venue trading platform Diginex Access. ITIVITI is an order management and portfolio management solution used by some of the world's largest institutions and family offices. Mr. Byworth and Mr. Mackay analyzed the key drivers to institutional adoption of digital assets and discussed how important having infrastructure that connects seamlessly to traditional systems would be for that to materialize. Watch the CEO spotlight session here.

During a roundtable discussion moderated by David Nage, Principal, Strategic Relations at Arca, industry experts including: Owen Lau, Executive Director, Equity Research of Oppenheimer & Co.; Alon Goren, Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm; Juan David Mendieta Villegas, Co-Founder of Keyrock; and Maya Vujinovic, Head of Strategy at Diginex, discussed in detail the future development of the digital asset class.

This conversation covered wide ranging topics including what mass adoption looks like, why are institutions focused on this asset class now, key infrastructure advancements, decentralized finance, lending and borrowing, and the impact of the new US President on digital assets. Watch the roundtable here.

Finally, the Executive Committee of Diginex joined Mr. Byworth in an 'Ask Me Anything' session to share insights from the company's growth and journey to Nasdaq listing, and to articulate the future ambitions of the Group, with a particular emphasis on long-term growth in the institutional market. Watch the Ask Me Anything session in full here.

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