EverCommerce Acquires My PT Hub, a Leading Personal Training and Fitness Engagement Platform

DENVER, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, EverCommerce, a leading service commerce platform, announced the acquisition of My PT Hub, a leading personal training and fitness engagement solution for trainers and fitness clubs. Headquartered in West Sussex, UK, My PT Hub's flagship product, PT Manager, serves over 83,000 trainers and their 1.3 million clients, and enables fitness professionals to manage, grow, and scale their businesses via web and mobile applications.

EverCommerce announced the acquisition of My PT Hub, a leading personal training and fitness engagement solution.

"We're very excited to join the EverCommerce fitness family," said Phil Carr, CEO and Founder of My PT Hub. "We have held strong to our vision of connecting fitness communities and have been delighted to find a partner that not only shares our vision, but has been actively investing in and working toward making that vision a reality."

"My PT Hub has an exciting and differentiated offering in the fitness space," said Matt Feierstein, President and COO of EverCommerce. "The opportunity to extend and coordinate My PT Hub's offerings along with our fitness solutions will enable health clubs of all segments to use effective and modern ways to engage their members both inside and outside their facilities."

With this acquisition, completed November 18(th), 2020, EverCommerce will continue to deliver on its mission to provide end-to-end solutions to fitness industry professionals, enabling them to more effectively market, nurture leads, manage members, and increase facility efficiencies.

About MY PT Hub
Founded in 2015, My PT Hub currently serves over 83,000 trainers and 1.3 million fitness clients in the US and UK. In efforts to transform and streamline the personal trainer and client relationship, replacing outdated and archaic mediums of delivery of workouts, nutrition plans and fitness content, My PT Hub has pioneered the shift to online and remote fitness experiences. My PT Hub is headquartered in West Sussex, United Kingdom. To learn more about My PT Hub, visit https://www.mypthub.net

About EverCommerce:
EverCommerce is a leading service commerce platform, providing the top marketing, business management, and customer retention solutions to more than 400,000 service businesses across the globe. Specializing in Home & Field Services, Health Services, and Fitness & Wellness industries, EverCommerce develops, acquires, and transforms mission-critical software that helps service-based businesses accelerate growth, streamline operations, and increase retention. Its digital and mobile software & payment solutions create predictable, informed, and convenient experiences between customers and their service providers. Learn more at EverCommerce.com.

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