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The JSC "KBP named after Academician A.Shipunov” is one of the leading design companies in the Russian defence industry. It has developed over 140 models of weapons and military equipment, which were put into series production and introduced in service with the Russian Army. At present KBP represents a high-capacity research and production centre that creates state-of-the-art precision-guided weapons. Technical solutions embodied in the KBP developments incorporate over 5000 inventions.

JSC "KBP" carries out the development of weapon systems along the following lines: antitank missile systems; weapon systems for main battle tanks and lightly armoured vehicles; guided artillery projectiles and guided missile systems; air defence systems; gun armament and associated ammunition; combat small arms; hunting and sporting guns.

KBP, being a leading developer of sophisticated weapon models, coordinates efforts of a great number of enterprises and companies, including research institutes of the RF Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Defence, and determines national concept and strategy for arms development.

Since 2008 KBP has been included into the Russian Technologies State Corporation, being one of principle enterprises of JSC "High precision weapons". The basic activity of the system is design and delivery of ready specimens of high-precision weaponry, its spare parts and components to the Russian Army and all defence and security organizations, as well as within the framework of military and technical cooperation with foreign countries.

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KBP named after Academician A.Shipunov

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