Enterprise customers can tap into the power of the Lumen platform with Lumen® Edge Compute

DENVER, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Modern enterprise applications are increasingly required to operate close to the point of digital interaction. Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) now delivers customers the platform they need to extend their high-bandwidth, data-intensive applications out to the cloud edge with the launch of Lumen Edge Compute. Lumen Edge Compute brings together the power of the company's expansive global fiber network, on-demand networking, and integrated security to allow for quick and efficient deployment of applications and workloads at the edge, closer to the action. Lumen customers can leverage low-latency, secure and scalable high-performance capabilities delivered via bare metal-as-a-service on the Lumen platform.

"This is a game changer - real-time application hosting, data processing and storage capabilities for enterprises that need to deliver emerging technologies and applications at the edge," said Shaun Andrews, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Lumen Technologies. "Enterprises around the globe can now leverage highly distributed bare metal on the Lumen platform, giving them more capability to drive new digital experiences for their customers."

Lumen Edge Compute offers dedicated, pay-as-you-go server hardware hosted in distributed locations and connected to the Lumen global fiber network. Enterprises and public sector organizations can benefit from:

    --  Superior application performance from running on edge nodes designed for
        single-digit millisecond latency over the Lumen global fiber network.
    --  Improved control and performance with the ability to run applications
        and workloads on a unified platform. Customers can focus efforts on
        developing applications and bringing them to market rather than on
        time-consuming infrastructure deployment.
    --  Enhanced security and connectivity with dedicated, single tenancy
        servers designed to isolate and protect data and deliver
        high-performance networking across the company's extensive and deeply
        peered global backbone.
    --  Cost savings with the ability to turn bare metal servers on and off as
        needed with pay-as-you-go flexibility.

Key Facts:

    --  Lumen Edge Compute is designed to meet 98% of the U.S. enterprise demand
        within 5 milliseconds of latency.
    --  Lumen has six edge nodes currently operational across the U.S., with
        plans to turn-up additional locations in the U.S. and globally.
    --  Lumen offers flexible application delivery over 3.5 million miles of
        high-capacity, low-loss fiber.

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About Lumen Technologies:
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