Gender Fair Announces Launch of New App and Extension

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Gender Fair, an organization working to accelerate equality, is excited to announce today the launch of their Gender Fair App, equipping consumers with the knowledge and power they need to make value-based decisions in real-time. The app allows users to know which companies support gender equality at the tip of their fingers, helping consumers use their dollars to drive fairness by buying from those with the certification.

Gender Fair rates companies on five areas: leadership & opportunity, employee policies, advertising & communications, diversity reporting, and social responsibility. This provides a clear and simple assessment. The Gender Fair Seal and 100-point scoring system make conscientious consumerism easy and give companies clear benchmarks and guidelines for improvement.

"2020 has brought many social issues into mainstream conversation, it is important for consumers to move towards the change we want to see," Gender Fair CEO Johanna Zeilstra said. "Purchasing products from companies that are gender equal will increase profit for diverse companies and encourage other companies to review their internal structure to becoming a gender equal organization."

With over 2,500 brands on the app, Gender Fair gives consumers a voice - allowing them to communicate with companies and show them that the values they demonstrate impact a consumer's buying decisions, encouraging them to accelerate equality. Users can access the list of retailers by downloading the Chrome Extension and searching the company or by scanning products using the App on their mobile device while shopping.

The Gender Fair App is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Stay up to date by following Gender Fair on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Gender Fair informs consumers, employees, and investors which companies are advancing gender equality and encourages support for those companies in the marketplace through its Gender Fair Index. The Gender Fair Index includes data and ratings on thousands of brands from hundreds of publicly traded, consumer companies. This important information, available in a single source, simplifies ethical consumerism so people who care about women and girls can contribute daily to gender equality. Through the Gender Fair App, users can look up brands and see how they fare on the Index. Users can also manually scan product logos or review the top performers by category. If the brand doesn't score high, the app or extension suggest alternatives. To learn more, visit

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