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CHICAGO, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In-depth analysis and data-driven insights on the impact of COVID-19 included in this India pump market report.

The pump market size in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 7% during the period 2020-2026.

Key Highlights Offered in the Report:

    1. Centrifugal pumps are the most widely used pump, and they are the best
       devices used for water and thin liquids and slurries in almost every
       industry. This segment held around 70% share in the pump market, with
       rest being rotary and reciprocating pumps.
    2. Under centrifugal pumps, the single stage and multistage pumps
       contributed around USD 800 million to the pump market in India in 2019.
    3. In terms of value, water and wastewater, chemical, pharmaceutical, power
       generation and construction services account for over 60% of the market
       share, while the remaining account for around 40%.
    4. The vendors in the pump market must balance between the strategic
       procurement of raw materials due to fluctuations and product
       differentiation with value addition in order to sustain the rapidly
       intensifying competition.
    5. A focus on a few high-demand end-use sectors by realigning the production
       lines is one of the ways to sustain the post-COVID-19 impact. Also, a
       realignment in sales and marketing efforts is recommended.
    6. The industrial sector end-users will have the highest CAGR during the
       forecast period estimated at over 7%. The incremental growth in the
       industrial sector will be over USD 700 million between 2026 and 2020.

Key Offerings:

    --  Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2020-2026
    --  Market Dynamics - Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and
        investment opportunities
    --  Market Segmentation - A detailed analysis by products, end-users, and
    --  Competitive Landscape - 8 key vendors and 26 other vendors

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India Pump Market - Segmentation

    --  The centrifugal pump market in India is expected to be competitive, with
        several established vendors expanding their product portfolio.
        Centrifugal is best suited for non-air or vapor-containing liquids with
        low viscosity.
    --  The increasing need for energy-efficient systems drives the rotary pump
        industry. To speed up the development of rotary devices, new agriculture
        innovations are implemented to improve the total catering productivity
        to meet the increasing demand for farm products.
    --  Industrial pumps are witnessing a high demand from cement, steel, oil &
        gas, water & wastewater sectors. The increased oil and gas demand and
        high investments in water and wastewater treatment activities are
        projected to increase sales substantially. The industrial pump market in
        India is expected to reach over USD 2 billion by 2026

India Pump Market by Product Type

    --  Centrifugal
        --  Single Stage
        --  Multistage
        --  Submersible
        --  Turbine
        --  Others
    --  Rotary
        --  Vane
        --  Gear
        --  Lobe
        --  Peristaltic
    --  Reciprocating
        --  Piston
        --  Diaphragm

India Pump Market by End-user

    --  Industrial Sector
        --  Oil & Gas
        --  Water & Wastewater
        --  Food & Beverage
        --  Chemical
        --  Power
        --  Mining
        --  Pharmaceutical
    --  Commercial Sector
        --  Hospitality
        --  Public Utilities
    --  By Distribution Channel
        --  Offline
        --  Online
    --  Residential Sector
    --  By Distribution Channel
        --  Offline
        --  Online
    --  Agricultural Sector
        --  By Power Output
            --  3-7 HP
            --  7-10 HP
            --  10-13 HP
            --  13-15 HP
        --  By Product
            --  Borewell
            --  Openwell
        --  By Distribution Channel
            --  Offline
            --  Online

India Pump Market - Dynamics

In contrast to the grid or diesel-powered water pumps, solar-powered pumps are generated by photovoltaic panels or the radiated thermal energy available from captured sunlight. Owing to lower operating and repair costs, the operating costs of solar-powered pumps are more economical and have a less environmental impact than pumps powered by other sources. In situations where the power supply comes from the grid and no grid, on-grid or off-grid solar pumps are useful. As a result, higher demand is generated in areas with inefficient power and grid-free electricity supply. In addition, the demand for solar pumps in irrigation is growing, especially in India, as it has cost benefits and reduces reliance on electricity in many areas. Programs related to urbanization and industrialization policies are expected to offer opportunities for the pump market during the forecast period.

Key Drivers and Trends fueling Market Growth:

    --  Demand for Energy-Efficient Pumps
    --  Increasing Export of Centrifugal Pumps
    --  Infrastructure Expansion
    --  Deteriorating Ground Water Level

India Pump Market - Geography

Consumers in South India are aware of the benefits of star ratings, thereby purchasing star-rated pumps. They have high expectations for pump sets within the limits of their buying power to provide a hassle-free experience. The region's water level is very uneven, ranging from 170 to 500 ft, thereby driving the market for submersible pumps. Coastal regions such as West Godavari and Chittoor have greater water volumes as compared to regions such as Nizamabad. As a consequence of the continuous decrease in groundwater levels, submersible pumps are becoming popular among farmers. In different areas, however, voltage fluctuations and low voltage levels are very prevalent. Electricity for farmers is subsidized and, regardless of the units consumed, they have to pay a set price for the electricity bill.

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India Pump Market by Geography

    --  India
        --  Northern
            --  Punjab
            --  Delhi
            --  Uttar Pradesh
        --  Southern
            --  Andhra Pradesh
            --  Karnataka
            --  Tamil Nadu
        --  Eastern
            --  Bihar
            --  Odisha
            --  West Bengal
        --  Western
            --  Madhya Pradesh
            --  Maharashtra
            --  Gujarat

Major Vendors

    --  Crompton
    --  Flowserve
    --  Jyoti Group
    --  Kirloskar Brothers
    --  KSB
    --  Roto Pumps
    --  Shakti Pumps
    --  WPIL

Other Prominent Vendors

    --  Aqua Group
    --  Best Engineers Pumps
    --  Commitment Reliability Innovation (C.R.I)
    --  CNP Pumps
    --  Deccan
    --  Duke Plasto Technique
    --  ELLEN
    --  Endura Pumps
    --  Falcon Pumps
    --  Grundfos
    --  Jasco
    --  Kishor Pumps
    --  Lubi Pumps
    --  Mahendra Pumps
    --  MAK
    --  MAXWELL
    --  MBH Pumps
    --  Oswal Pumps
    --  Protecto Engineering
    --  Sabar
    --  Sam Turbo Industry
    --  Swastik Engineers
    --  Suguna
    --  Texmo Industries
    --  V-Guard
    --  Waterman Industries

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