The Perfect Christmas Present For An Electric Vehicle Fanatic

LONDON, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- There is no better gift for the car enthusiast this Christmas than half a million dollars in luxury EVs for the price of one. A Tesla Model X starts at $80,000, and the Model S is right up there, too. An Audi e-Tron will set buyers back at least $66,000. A Jaguar i-Pace will come at a starting cost of $70,000. And a BMW x5 starts at $60,000. The Porsche Panamera costs a minimum of $87,000. But there is a way to drive them all--on demand--for under $1,700 a month ... Mentioned in today's commentary includes: Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), NIO Limited (NYSE: NIO), Fisker Inc. (NYSE: FSR), Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp. (NASDAQ: SOLO), Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ: NKLA).

With a transformational EV subscription through Washington, DC-based Steer, backed by utility giant Exelon and recently acquired by a fast-growing North American tech startup, Facedrive (FD: FDVRF). This is where technology has taken us, and it makes for a revolutionary twist to the average Christmas list. And a transportation revolution ... including the way the world views car ownership altogether, is exactly what Steer--with Facedrive now at the wheel--is promising.

The Tech Transforming Auto-Ownership

For people who have wanted a Tesla or an Audi e-Tron, an entire virtual garage of the biggest EV luxuries should sound tantalizing.

Flip through a virtual garage and choose a luxury vehicle of the day--or month. Users get the most expensive EVs with unlimited swaps. On-demand, with 24/7 concierge service and no annoying mileage limits that come with leasing. And the icing on this EV cake is that users won't ever need car insurance again. Steer takes care of everything.

This is an all-inclusive luxury ride that's all about choice. That makes it a risk-free ride. Steer thinks transportation is ready for the second round of revolution: EVs mean a cleaner future, but the experience of owning a car can also be improved.

It's the answer to the last remaining hurdle of full-on adoption of EVs: cost and charging technology. A subscription to Steer comes with its own concierge who delivers the car wherever it is needed and assists with charging, either at home or on the road. And unlike leasing a car--there's no mileage limit.

If a $1700 price tag is too much for an individual's car budget, then Steer also has less expensive monthly packages that allow users to swap out a group of EVs that include the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, and the Prius Prime. Or something in between, that still gets customers into a Tesla Model 3. And the growth runways are phenomenal when considering that 70% of Steer members have never even driven an EV before. That means that these are new converts. The converts will come when they latch on to the hassle-free, risk-free, total convenience offered by Steer.

"It's risk-free EV driving," Erica Typsin, Steer co-founder, one of Forbes' "Under 30 List" of top young entrepreneurs, told the magazine. "The service is all-inclusive with one monthly fee...Just like we get clothes in a box and movies on demand conveniently tailored to our lives... All of the plans come with insurance, repairs, and maintenance. We handle everything when something goes wrong. If you have a fender bender, we show up with a new car. There are no insurance claims adjustor, no waiting on repairs, no fighting for a rental car."

And now, with the buyout from tech-driven Facedrive (FD: FDVRF) - an emerging Canadian 'Silicon Valley" powerhouse with an entire ecosystem of tech offerings that are riding the tailwinds of the massive EV boom, Steer is kicking it into fifth gear ...Just in time for Christmas.

The EV Boom Is About More Than Just Cars

For the company that made its name first challenging Uber by becoming the first carbon-offset ride-sharing service in the world, Steer was a giant leap forward ...And one that landed this Canadian company solidly in the United States, where it will now use its foothold and a strategic investment from Exelon to push further into this market with at least 6 different tech-driven services.

This is about multiple verticals in a tech-driven space that's riding the tailwinds of an EV boom that is broad-spectrum. In the past twelve months, markets have seen Facedrive launch a flurry of new services, cut a series of big deals, and bring on some major household names in rapid-fire succession.

There's a ton of money floating around this space ... because it's not just about EVs--it's about lifestyle, and absolutely any company that is in any way connected to the EV boom and the Tesla explosion is shooting through the roof. It's a wave that Facedrive is riding in a major way, and Steer is the biggest deal yet.

Facedrive has an entire ecosystem behind it, and now it's got Steer, backed by Exelon, in a major powerhouse combination of high-tech, EVs, and energy. It's the coup of the year, and 2021 is preparing for overdrive.

Electric Vehicle Companies Are Exploding

NIO Limited (NIO) has had an especially noteworthy year, quickly becoming a favorite among retail and institutional investors alike. In 2019, no one could have imagined how much potential the company had. In fact, many Wall Street pros were ready to leave it for dead. But the Chinese Tesla rival pushed on, blew away estimates, and most importantly, kept its balance sheet in line. And in turn, markets responded. The company has seen its share price soar from $3.24 at the start of 2020 to a high of $45 earlier this week, representing a massive 1288% returns for investors who had faith.

And it hasn't stopped there. NIO recently unveiled a pair of sedans that would make even the biggest Tesla devotees turn their heads. The vehicles, meant to compete with Tesla's Model 3, could be just what the company needs to pull back control of its local market from Elon Musk's electric vehicle giant.

While NIO's sales struggled earlier this year, they quickly rebounded in the second quarter and have maintained an upward trajectory ever since. By its Q4 report in October, NIO announced that its sales had more-than doubled, projecting even greater sales in the months to come. The EV darling has come a long way from its rumored potential bankruptcy in 2019, and if this year shows investors anything, it's that its CEO William Li is has big ambitions and enough drive and skill to see them through

Tesla (TSLA) is the de-facto king of the electric vehicle market. And it's easy to see why. Armed with slick cars, game-changing technology and an out of this world CEO, Tesla has a lot going for it. Tesla is now the most valuable car maker "of all time". It is now worth almost $538 billion while the top three American automakers--GM, Ford and Chrysler--are worth around $70 billion.

Billionaire Elon Musk had his eye on this trend far before the hype started building. He released the first Tesla Roadster back in 2008, making electric vehicles cool when people were still snubbing their noses at the first-generation EVs. Since then, Tesla's stock has skyrocketed by over 14,000%.

Fisker (FSR)is a speculative play. It won't start producing its EV SUVs until 2023. But again, it's a story stock that looks a lot like Tesla did in the early days. Fisker stock has gained almost 60% in a month.

Citigroup analyst Italy Michaeli just picked up coverage of Fisker, with a "Buy" rating and a price target of $26. Michaeli gets the narrative here, reminding investors that "as a pre-revenue company, Fisker is clearly a higher-risk investment proposition", but there's a big reason to be bullish. Fisker has four long-term advantages here: It's making an SUV, which Michaeli says is a good segment to target. It's got a strong brand. It's got a legacy behind the wheel: Henrik Fisker is Fisker's founder and he's a legend in automotive design. And it's a massive saver of capital because it has an innovative "asset light" approach, getting Magna International to assemble its first vehicle. It's already got 9,000 advance orders ... prepaid.

Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp (SOLO) is another electric vehicle stock that has turned heads this year. The Canadian company's single-seat electric car carries a lower, and more appealing price point for consumers that do not need all the bells and whistles that come with luxury brands like Tesla. It's also on the cusp of an emerging market. In fact, demand for single-seat electric vehicles are projected to grow significantly in the coming years, and SOLO is one of the few companies in this market, representing a great opportunity for investors looking for an easy-entry EV stock with a lot of potential upside.

Electric Meccanica isn't only interested in the company niche, however. It's also planning to roll out an electric sports car for two, the Tofino, and another electric two-seater boasting an old-school design that will appeal to a wide range of consumers. Given that the stock is only trading at $6.82 at the moment, there is a lot of room to grow, though not without potential risks.

Another stock that might be appealing to investors with a high tolerance for risk is Nikola Corporation (NKLA). Nikola has had a tough go at it since its IPO in June. Following a wave of bad press and the ousting of its CEO and Founder, Trevor Milton, the so-called "Tesla of trucking" has seen its share price fall by as much as 75%. The issues were compounded with the announcement that General Motors will be pulling out of its deal with the company.

Despite the onslaught of negative news, however the massive selloff has slowed down recently, however, and there is still a case for the company. The EV-maker is particularly appealing to ESG investors as electric trucks will play a pivotal role in the future of our supply chains. While there are already a few companies moving forward with this idea, it's Nikola's sole focus, which means it has an advantage over others who might be spread too thin.

Though Nikola will remain a risky play for the short-term, the company is pushing forwarded. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives echoes this sentiment, explaining, "Investors are going to continue to take a cautious wait-and-see approach but I do think potentially the tide's turning in terms of a lot of bad news in the rear-view mirror."

By. Glen Stainthorpe


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