SNC-Lavalin solution for modular social housing, chosen to be part of developer led framework in the UK

MONTREAL, Dec. 17, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) today announces that EDAROTH--a wholly owned subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin--has been named as part of the announcement of a new £47bn developer led framework in the United Kingdom.

EDAROTH (Everybody Deserves A Roof Over Their Head) offers development management, design and engineering expertise, and the latest off-site manufacturing techniques, which enable:

    --  50% faster build than traditional home development
    --  50% reduction in heating costs
    --  Net zero carbon emissions
    --  Reclaiming of brownfield sites for local communities

"EDAROTH is an example of how innovation and technology can enable us to provide better infrastructure solutions to our clients and communities. We developed this innovative solution having identified a trend in social and economic issues related to the future lack of affordable housing," said Ian L. Edwards, President and CEO, SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. "At the core of EDAROTH are digitally enabled, modern methods of assembly, that can be adapted to help people across the world. We are able to take brownfield sites in need of regeneration and create living spaces to help governments and local authorities meet housing needs in a sustainable and efficient way. With the World Economic Forum forecasting that 2 billion new homes are needed globally by the end of this century, we see great potential in this offering and are working to revitalize communities everywhere.''

Under this framework, with public sector framework provider PABAGO, EDAROTH will have the opportunity to bid for developments of residential schemes across the UK--including projects which transform publicly owned brownfield and underutilized land in existing communities--to create truly affordable homes in areas where they are most needed.

''A shortage of affordable housing continues to affect communities, cities and individuals all over the world, and it's a problem which will only be solved through innovation and new ways of working,'' said Philip Hoare, President, Atkins, Engineering, Design & Project Management, SNC-Lavalin. "We are proud of our place on this framework, which gives us a great opportunity to deliver homes over and above what is already possible, and to further develop EDAROTH's offering to public sector clients."

Once developments are completed, the public sector retains land ownership giving them essential facilities and a long-term revenue stream to bolster their finances. EDAROTH unveiled its first completed social housing development in February 2020, and has already been successful in securing a place on a $1.7bn housing framework to provide services.

About SNC-Lavalin
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EDAROTH ( offers the latest modern methods of construction and cutting-edge engineering to deliver quality affordable housing at speed on local authority and regulated authority land. This approach prioritizes brownfield and under-utilized land within existing communities--which are often considered too difficult or expensive to develop--and sees the landowner typically retain the land, assets and ongoing rental income. Everyone Deserves A Roof Over Their Head.